Powering Next-Generation Sequencing with the Platform for Science Marketplace

Powering Next-Generation Sequencing

At Core, we believe that no two labs are the same. In the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) field we believe that to be especially true, but it is one thing to have a belief or a hypothesis, and another to validate it. To test our hypothesis we decided to run a simple exercise. Given all the possible sequencing technologies leveraged, assays run, analytical instruments utilized, and automation robots leveraged in the NGS space, we ran a simple calculation, and quantified the number of laboratory conformations that could exist. When we did the math, all those variations resulted in more than 10,000 possible unique NGS labs. Add into the equation the ever-changing needs of NGS labs in a field where the speed of technological development is unprecedented, and that number would grow exponentially. This paints a multifaceted picture, and allows oneto start to appreciate the complexity involved in the NGS domain.

The complexity in NGS is why we‰’ve taken a different approach with the Platform for Science Marketplace than any other vendor on the market. Our strategy is one of choice and flexibility. Our apps on the Platform for Science allow any lab type or size in an organization to blaze its own trail, whether you are a full high throughput genome center or a startup NGS testing lab. You might be running Illumina, Ion Torrent‰™ or PacBio sequencers, or potentially any combination of the three. Not to mention the possibility of new NGS technologies potentially on the horizon, such as Oxford Nanopore Technologies, or Roche‰’s Genia Technology, or the myriad of other contenders looking to compete with the major players. We’ve observed that most labs benefit froma system that has the flexibility to easily handle theirfunctional needs. When you access the NGS collection in the Platform for Science Marketplace, you can browse our range of NGS apps to see how they could support your lab operations. We‰’re also continuously building new apps as fast as we can, collaborating with our customers and leading technology venders to grow the Platform for Science ecosystem.

Our aim in introducing a comprehensive set of apps spanning the entire NGS workflow is to help labs manage samples, processes, sequencers, and sequencing results without getting locked into one-size-fits-all informatics solutions. We provide a foundation‰Óa platform that covers all of the fundamental requirements needed to power lab activities that offers flexible functionality. The genomics apps labs integrate with the system deliver specific capabilities, enabling NGS labs to build solutions that address the way they accession and prepare samples, perform sequencing, and conduct quality control and analysis. Most importantly, apps can be browsed, selected, configured, and deployed in a much faster time than ever before.

If you‰’re an NGS lab within a larger diagnostic company, you can use apps to support your NGS workflow, and then share your lab‰’s data with other apps or with other labs deployed throughout the organization. Your company might use an inventory system to handle chemicals, biologics, and other entities‰Óyour NGS kits and reagent inventory could be integrated with this system. Or, conversely, you might connect with Biobanking apps to find specimens for a sequencing project.

We welcome your feedback on our current NGS apps. What NGS apps would you like to see in the Platform for Science Marketplace?

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