An Informatics System Built Your Way: Platform for Science Marketplace

A Mix and Match Approach to Building Your LIMS Capabilities

The Platform for Science Marketplace is our informatics app store, which allows you to mix and match applications to build the laboratory information management system (LIMS) you desire. All products and apps in the marketplace are designed to work together. The modularity of Core’s lab informatics platform enables the apps to fit together easily. This also lets you add and remove apps from the system quickly, without the need for custom coding.

The Platform for Science Marketplace is moving informatics from the world of uniformity to the world of individualism. The flexibility this gives you in designing your laboratory information management software system is unparalleled in the industry.

Build Solutions Using Apps from the Platform for Science Marketplace

In the Platform for Science Marketplace, users can find applications for specific instruments, assays and samples – reducing time spent scrubbing or managing data. Apps are currently available in a number of scientific domains, including Biopharmaceutical Drug DiscoveryGenomics and Next-Gen Sequencing, and Biobanking.

In addition, the breadth of apps available in the PFS Marketplace can help customers to define their solutions starting from a template, rather than from scratch. Existing configurable solution sets include Drug DiscoveryBiologics DiscoveryNext-Generation Sequencing (NGS), and Biobanking. The breadth and depth of available solutions continues to expand, with new applications being added for customers across scientific capabilities such as analytical testing, animal studies, bioprocessing, high throughput screening, protein engineering and more.

The PFS Marketplace is unique in the lab informatics space. While this mix and match model has been successful in other industries, no other LIMSELN, or SDMS provider is offering customers a marketplace of complementary applications built on a single platform. We have broken workflows into steps or modules which are contained within our apps. Your team can quickly add updates and new applications, to meet your goals and needs as they change over time. This modularity reduces install time, expenses, and avoids lengthy, expensive installs of custom code with extended services contracts.

A Lab Informatics System to Meet Your Needs

Mixing and matching LIMS applications is an idea that parallels the world of fashion. We all have our own unique style and use it to express our individuality. Taking components that go together such as a shirt, a pair of pants, a jacket and accessories – and combining them to “make it your own” is natural in our society. It is just that spirit of individuality that inspired the new mix and match collection available from the Core Informatics Platform for Science Marketplace (ok, we’re kind of kidding here…). Still, stores display clothing on mannequins and sell clothing in sets, because they do not trust many of us to mix and match with proper taste. Not to worry, just like a department store, we still suggest applications and products in “sets” or “solutions” to make the process of outfitting your lab a little bit easier.

It’s your lab – have it your way — with the Platform for Science Marketplace.