Platform for Science Developer Portal (beta)

Making it Easier to Create Apps for the Platform for Science

From the early development of the Platform for Science (PFS), it was envisioned as an open ecosystem.  We anticipated scientists and software developers would create applications and solutions on their own, and then make those applications available to other users. This was a lofty goal when the Platform for Science Marketplace was launched. Now, with the Marketplace set to hit over 100 applications by the end of the year, this larger app development ecosystem is coming closer to reality.

What’s in the Developer Portal Today?

The current beta version of the Developer Portal contains the first steps toward understanding the OData API available in Core Connect, and other ways to integrate with the Platform for Science. The information is designed for users and software developers who currently have access to an instance of the Platform for Science. As the site grows, third party developers will be able to use the tools in the Portal to understand, design, and interact with the Platform for Science.

The Developer Portal provides resources to customers on how to communicate with and code for the Platform for Science’s REST APIs. Great APIs have great documentation, so it’s all there. It explains the basics — what you can do with the platform, what you can build, and how you can build it. The Portal houses educational materials and documentation designed to help developers understand the foundations of the Platform for Science and the applications which run on it. Example code acts as a guide, and clear and easy to follow documentation to get developers started with using the OData API.

Soon, we will be adding tutorials to take users through the process, and expanding the library of example code and documentation. Developers will also be able to use pre-existing applications as a guide to ensure new apps will work properly with and communicate with products and apps already on the platform.

When Can External Developers Benefit from the Developer Portal?

Until now, applications for the Platform for Science have been built by the PFS App Team and our partners. When the Portal moves past the beta (current) version, it will provide tools and instruction to developers from software providers, hardware manufacturers, and other scientific informatics teams to enable the coding of apps for the Platform for Science. The apps will be available to other users on the PFS Marketplace. This will ensure best practices are available to scientists in the lab.

Third-party developers can expect to gain exposure to new industries and applications for their products and services through the PFS Marketplace, due to the highly targeted nature of its audience. We look forward to your participation in the Platform for Science ecosystem, please submit a contact form if you are interested in finding out more!