Platform for Science Makes Waves at the ChemAxon User Meeting

By Core Informatics Sales Director, Steve Yemm

Core Informatics recently had a valuable opportunity to present our Platform for Science (PFS), the Core Informatics cloud native Platform as a Service offer at the ChemAxon User Meeting held in Budapest on May 20th and 21st.

In addition, it was the perfect event to illustrate the extent to which Core Informatics has been able to leverage the best in breed chemical informatics technology from ChemAxon to provide outstanding chemistry capability in the Core LIMS and Core ELN.

From the provision of chemical registration through to structure searching and calculated properties and much more, this integrated offer provides unparalleled chemical intelligence capability in the Core Informatics industry leading PFS.

It was clear that many of the participants were highly receptive to the ideas behind Platform for Science (PFS), and in particular, many participants are considering a move to a cloud based IT infrastructure driven by the converging needs for internal and external collaboration, reducing TCO and huge and ongoing changes in science and the laboratory environment.

The interest at the meeting came from many different science based industries from major pharmaceutical companies to contract research organizations to university and government laboratories the Core PFS was able to address all of these needs and many more.

For anyone in Europe who was unable to make it to the meeting, request a copy of the Core Informatics Platform for Science white paper and we would be delighted to discuss how we can help you.