Pittcon 2018 Roundup

Enabling Science Through Cloud-Based Innovation

Since it began in 1950, Pittcon has become “the world’s leading annual conference and exposition on laboratory science.”1   Every year major product innovations and acquisitions are announced at Pittcon.  Last year, Thermo Fisher Scientific announced the acquisition of Core Informatics to complement Thermo Fisher’s existing informatics solutions and its cloud platform, the Thermo Fisher Cloud.  This year, Thermo Fisher reinforced its commitment to enabling the scientific community through cloud-based innovations with two new offerings designed to support its chromatography, routine mass spectroscopy and spectrometry workflows.

According to Dan Shine, senior vice president, analytical instruments, Thermo Fisher Scientific, “The ecosystem that exists today around cloud computing, big data and machine learning allows more scientists globally to experience the power of our extensive offering. Making our instruments easier to use and integrated within the lab environment allows the transformation of data into knowledge and plays a significant role in helping move science forward.”

CDS in the Cloud

Many customers are looking to leverage cloud capabilities to streamline their IT operations.  As one of the most pervasive analytical techniques, chromatography is used across almost every industry and can be found in almost every lab.  At Pittcon this year, it was announced that Thermo ScientificTM Chromeleon CDSTM can be deployed in the cloud.  Chromeleon CDS supports chromatography instruments from 15 vendors and routine quantitative MS analysis, providing full integration of Thermo Scientific gas chromatography (GC)-MS/MS and liquid chromatography (LC)-MS/MS instruments.  Given the prevalence of this technique, moving CDS into the cloud will be transformative for many laboratories.

Spectroscopy in the Cloud

Thermo Scientific FTIR instrumentation now includes the innovative Thermo ScientificTM  OMNIC AnywhereTM software. OMNIC Anywhere is a cloud-based software for molecular spectroscopy applications that enables customers to store, share and interpret spectral data across multiple labs on Windows and Apple computing platforms. Designed for use on Thermo Scientific spectrometers, the OMNIC Anywhere app provides researchers, lab technicians, educators and students with remote access to data. OMNIC Anywhere is the newest in a growing number of applications powered by the Thermo Fisher Cloud that help instrument users collect, monitor, and analyze, share and store data in a secure environment for a growing number of applications.

Data Management in the Cloud

Of course, Thermo Fisher™ Platform for Science™ software is a cloud native solution and has been in the cloud since 2008.  Platform for Science software provides the underlying data management infrastructure for lab workflows, allowing end-to-end sample and specimen tracking across experiments, assays, and processes. Thermo Scientific™ Core LIMS™, Core ELN™, and Core SDMS™ software as well as its communication product, Thermo Scientific™ Core Connect™ software run on the platform. Platform for Science software provides the scientific community with a flexible, cost effective and secure way to collect, store, analyze and share information.

Learn more about the products featured by Thermo Fisher at Pittcon this year. We hope to see you at Pittcon 2019 in Philadelphia next March or even sooner at Analytica in Munich, Germany next month where a major focus of the conference will be on the Digital Transformation of the Lab.


Trish Meek has been with Thermo Fisher Scientific for 18 years and is responsible for facilitating the integration of Core Informatics into the larger organization. During her time with Thermo Fisher, Trish has been focused on informatics solutions and has extensive experience with regulatory requirements and supporting customers in validated environments.