Paperless Lab Academy Delegates Show Enthusiasm for Core Informatics’ Platform for Science

By Core Informatics Sales Director, Steve Yemm

With many thanks to Peter Boogaard and his team at Industrial Lab Automation, their recent event the Paperless Lab Academy, held in Amsterdam earlier this month, was a stimulating two-day whirlwind of end user and vendor presentations on the state of the art in laboratory informatics.

I tried to escape the Core Informatics booth as often as possible to listen to a wide variety of presentations and workshop sessions.

Above and beyond all else it was clear to me that many of the participants were highly receptive to the ideas behind Platform for Science (PFS), the Core Informatics cloud native Platform as a Service offer. In particular, many participants are considering a move to a cloud based IT infrastructure driven by the converging needs for internal and external collaboration, reducing TCO and huge changes in the laboratory environment.

The particular application areas of interest varied tremendously from major pharmaceutical needs for Master Data Management to government laboratories requiring a cost effective ELN approach right through to CRO needs to effectively manage long term drug stability studies. The Platform for Science was able to address all of these needs and many more.

The Paperless Lab Academy did prove itself to be a useful learning experience for those wanting to consider the most innovative and cost effective platform technologies for laboratory informatics.

Steve Yemm speaking at Paperless Lab Academy Steve Yemm speaking at Paperless Lab Academy

For anyone in Europe who was unable to make it to the meeting, request a copy of the Core Informatics Platform for Science white paper and we would be delighted to discuss how we can help you.