Paperless Lab Academy

Paperless Lab Academy (April 19-20, 2016 | Barcelona, Spain)

  Several members of the Core team will be in attendance at Paperless Lab Academy 2016. Please contact Derek Kealey, Events Manager at Core Informatics to set up time to talk with our team members onsite. Paperless Lab Academy is two days focused on pragmatic strategies to effectively materialize laboratory knowledge in order to FIND the SPEED to INNOVATE in R&D and QA/QC laboratories across the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, consumer goods and chemical industries. derek-kealeyAlec Westley, Technical Solutions Manager at Core Informatics will be presenting at 6:00PM on April 19th on Legacy Systems: Should You Replace or Integrate? You will learn answer to key questions such as: What does the R&D Enterprise need from informatics to foster efficient innovation and collaboration? What is best practice in integrating disparate data (LIMS, federated systems, data warehouses, ERP, ELN) while providing security measures that enable remote access across a range of devices for employees, and restricted access for CRDMOs? Is there a single Platform solution that can address critical business functions from chemical registration through to ELN, Inventory and sample management, biologics, HTS and in-vivo?