Quick Answers to Questions About NGS

Next-Generation Sequencing can be handled easily on Platform for Science software. No two customer instances of the platform are the same. Why? Because workflows and applications have been configured to meet the customer’s specific sequencing needs. This means your lab’s NGS platform fingerprint will be entirely unique. Customers can browse applications on the Marketplace to learn more about their configuration options.

Platform for Science NGS FAQs

We have compiled a list below of some of the frequently asked questions about NGS on Platform for Science software:

1. Can our lab’s SOPs be implemented into the Platform for Science software configuration?

Yes – You can create business rules that require technicians to follow specific guidelines.

2. Question: When a sample has completed one step in the process, can that sample information automatically be pushed into the next phase in the system?

Yes – After a sample has completed one phase, the sample and information can be automatically pushed into the next phase so the technician knows exactly what phase the sample is in.

3. Question: Can technicians receive email alerts when a sample has completed a step in the process?

Yes – Email alerts can go out to technicians with a hyperlink that brings them immediately to the step in the process they need for that sample.

4. Question: Can the platform be configured to recognize if the wrong reagent is being used during a process?

Yes – Platform for Science software can be configured to recognize a specific barcode for a reagent that should only be used during a particular step. If a customer scans the wrong reagent barcode, the information will not be populated into the system.

5. Question: Once I have completed my sample prep processing, can the system automatically que up samples to be aligned with a flowcell and sequencing machine?

Yes – Upon scanning the flowcell, inventory business rules can be generated so samples can be assigned to flowcells along with sequencing instruments.

6. Question: Does your software comply with CLIA and CAP regulations?

Yes – Platform for Science software complies with all CLIA and CAP guidelines to ensure our customers can meet their regulatory needs.

7. Question: Can your platform integrate with multiple technologies from Sample QC, library preparation, and NGS?

Yes – The Platform for Science software is dynamic and highly configurable, enabling our customers to choose the technology that fits their wet lab needs.

8. Question: Does your platform integrate with other database/ERP systems such as SAP?

Yes- Platform for Science software can communicate across systems via Thermo Scientific™ Core Connect™ software, which contains our standards-based OData API. This API enables customers to integrate with a variety of software systems.

9. Question: We receive several different reagents for all our wet lab processes. Can your system keep track of all reagents including expiration dates, lot numbers, inventory levels, and locations?

Yes- The system can track all this information and the specific location in the lab down to the freezer. This enables our customers to use the product on a tablet that is paired with a Bluetooth barcode scanner to manage inventory.

10. Question: Are you able to track personnel that have performed tasks?

Yes – The system can be setup to track which technicians processed which samples and with which reagents.

11. Question: There are several sample prep protocols for NGS. Are there any sample prep protocols your system cannot handle?

Our system is highly configurable and dynamic. This enables the system to be configured to any protocol, even customer in-house protocols.

12. Question: If I change my protocol after implementation will I need to contact Thermo Fisher Scientific to reconfigure the system?

No – Platform for Science software can be easily configured by your system administrator. Since Platform for Science software leverages ODATA, the administrator’s configurations will be implemented seamlessly across the platform.

13. Question: Our lab works with both clinical and research samples. Can we designate clinical and research only samples?

Yes – the Marketplace has a variety of accessioning apps for a diverse set of needs, including research and clinical samples, which enable you to collect all necessary metadata to ensure compliance, in addition, the ability to de-identify the sample through the workflow.

For a closer look at our NGS on Platform for Science software, look at our NGS Solutions or visit the NGS section on the Marketplace.