New Protein Purification and Analysis Applications

New Apps Enhance Sample Tracking and Analysis Capabilities

New applications for protein purification and analysis are now available for Thermo Fisher™ Platform for Science™ software. These new apps allow scientists to track samples, define assays and track results for a variety of protein purification experiment types. The applications are designed to enhance the existing Biologics Solution available for Platform for Science software. The protein purification and analysis applications can store all assay data along with sample and inventory information, providing transparency across your organization. The apps can be used alongside workflows in biologics registration, molecular biology and cell culture development apps to go from starting material, through new sample registration, and onto characterization and QC of proteins and cell lines.

Protein Purification

The Protein Purification app helps scientists track and report on the transformation of samples to purified proteins. The app includes dashboards that make it easy to track work in progress and make quick decisions on next steps.


Running ELISA-based experiments? The ELISA Management app records ELISA protocols, conditions, reagents, antibodies and fluorophores so you can quickly determine assay results and fit curves. Users have options to re-fit curves, edit knock-out points and view heat maps before publishing.

Western Blot

The Western Blot app can be used to track western blot experiment sample data. The app can capture image data or allow users to load blot images and input data such as band intensity and estimated KDa. When coupled with the Gel Electrophoresis app, users can create a nucleic acid and protein gel chromatography solution.

Quantitative Reverse Transcription PCR (RT-qPCR)

The Quantitative Reverse Transcription PCR app allows users to track samples through the reverse transcription processes and quantitative PRC analysis. The app automatically registers new samples, maintains lineage between derivative samples and records the protocols that were used.

Flow Cytometry

Flow analysis and FACS samples can be managed with the Flow Cytometry app. This app can record plate transfer of cells from sorting and automatically register new cell lines derived from sorted samples. Users can also record gating, cell viability, % expression, antibodies, and more for all samples within a run.

The protein purification and analysis applications, as well as apps for other solutions such as genomics and biobanking can be found in the Marketplace. All Marketplace apps are designed to work out-of-the-box with your existing Platform for Science software installation.