New Platform for Science-RStudio Marketplace Application

How much data does the world generate every day?

The current global estimate is roughly 2.5 quintillion bytes. There is no doubt this explosion of data has and will continue to change our world.  Perhaps the greatest impact is how this increase in data will help scientists to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. With scientists generating more data than ever before, the need for a scientifically-aware data analysis and visualization solutions has never been greater.

Collectivity every year across academia and biopharma hundreds of millions of samples are screened and characterized biologically and or biochemically by in vitro analysis techniques. This avalanche of data created is overwhelming.

Non-linear regression is a pervasive in vitro analysis tool used more than any other statistical technique to measure sample potency and efficacy. But many software programs today focus on one only aspect of data analysis or are limited to specific curve-fitting algorithms hardcoded into the software package. As our pool of data increases, greater analysis abilities have become necessary.

360° View of Science

The Thermo Fisher™ Platform for Science™ software integration with RStudio offers a combination of visual data discovery and analytics. Now, within one workflow, end users can access a 360-degree view of their structured data and fit curves in a single step.

Extensible Informatics Solution

Platform for Science software has integrated R Shiny enabling our customers to manage all aspects of their laboratory process and data analysis in a seamless workflow. Scientists rely on R for standard data reduction and to develop novel data analysis.  For example, in our recent blog about antibody profiling, we described how R was used to develop assays to characterize antibodies and assess their drugability.  With Shiny as an integral part of the Platform for Science, customers are only limited by the creativity of the scientific community at large.

A Simple and Powerful Tool

We developed the In Vitro Assay Data Analysis Application, so end users could manage inventory, create requests to perform scientific plate-based experiments and analyze sample dose responses using a new and powerful statistical engine.

This application has the ability to:

  • Manually or automatically detect outliers
  • Drop data points from the analysis and interact with data in real time
  • Stratify data visually with multiple heat maps options
  • Update KPIs in real time
  • Select from multiple logistic regression options
  • Create enhanced reports and summary statistics

Send Samples and Experiments to custom built Shiny apps for Analysis

Visualize, Stratify and Interact with Data Dynamically using RStudio Connect

Select from Muliple Logistic Regression Analysis and View KPIs

Data Persists in the Platform For Science Software

This powerful example of the integration with RStudio Connect uses the R Shiny Package to provide access to powerful statistical techniques. Users now have access to the open source R community including access to 10,000+ statistical packages from the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN), Bioconductor and GitHub.

More information on the integration can be found here: New Analytics Tools in The Platform for Science.

Marc Siladi is a Data Analytics Product Manager for Thermo Fisher Scientific. Previously, Marc was a Research Scientist at Vertex Pharmaceuticals with hands on involvement in innovative drug discovery efforts to benefit patients with deadly diseases. Prior to Vertx, Marc worked at Ambrx, and The Scripps Research Institute.