New Genomics Applications for Sanger Sequencing and Microarray Analysis

Supporting Sanger Sequencing and Axiom Genotyping Workflows in the Same Platform

Happy New Year! We’re kicking off 2017 with the addition of new prebuilt functionality for our genomics solutions. These nine new applications, are available alongside our Next-Generation Sequencing apps in the application marketplace.

Sanger Sequencing Apps

This series of apps was designed to support the workflows of scientists and labs using the Sanger method of DNA sequencing. These apps assist with registration, end to end tracking, and measurement of samples and reagents throughout the Sanger sequencing workflow.

Sanger Sample Accessioning

app_sanger-sample-accessioning The Sanger Sample Accessioning app helps labs register samples and track attributes like tissue type and storage conditions. The app includes a variety of dashboards to easily track shipments and collect sample metrics.

Sanger Lab QC

app_sanger-lab-qc Sanger Lab QC was built to help labs improve sequencing quality and reduce the need for repeat processing. The app makes it easy to set pass/fail thresholds to stop failed samples from moving on in the workflow.

Sanger Sequencing

app_sanger-sequencing The Sanger Sequencing app lets users send available plates to a Sanger sequencing experiment. It can also generate sample sheets and track instrument and reagent usage.

Axiom Genotyping Apps

The Applied Biosystems™ Axiom™ Genotyping Solution is comprised of a series of applications which provide end to end sample tracking from Accessioning through the Axiom Genotyping workflow. Samples move from one step to the next, allowing researchers to track where samples are in a process and where there may be processing bottlenecks. The solution also enables labs to effectively manage projects and shipping requests.

Axiom Shipping Requests

app_axiom-shipping-requests The Axiom Shipping Requests app simplifies the process of reviewing open shipping requests. Shipping information and tracking data for inbound and outbound containers can be easily monitored and updated with this app.

Axiom Project Management

app_axiom-project-management Manage open projects with our Axiom Project Management app. The Axiom Project Management dashboard is a centralized location to manage requests and allocate resources accordingly.

Axiom Sample Accessioning

app_axiom-sample-accessioning With Axiom Sample Accessioning, users can register and track their samples for use in Axiom Genotyping. Samples can be accessioned one by one or in bulk with a manifest file. Status of all received samples is easily accessible via the application’s dashboard.

Axiom 96 PreLab

app_axiom-96-prelab The Axiom 96 PreLab app gives an overview of the entire PreLab workflow. Samples that pass quality metrics are automatically moved to the next step in the process, while failed samples are easily identified and removed.

Axiom 96 PostLab

app_axiom-96-postlab Similar to the PreLab app, Axiom 96 PostLab provides a dashboard to review each step in the PostLab workflow from DNA amplification to the final Wash and Scan experiment. Scientists can easily identify which experiments are in progress and which samples are ready to process.

Axiom Lab Management

app_axiom-lab-management The Axiom Lab Management app gives users summary workflow statistics in a centralized dashboard view. This app empowers Lab Managers with metrics on failed experiments, scanner usage and employee throughput.

Different Sequence Interrogation Methods in One Platform

These new applications can be used on their own or in combination with the Next-Generation Sequencing apps in our application marketplace. Enabling the different metthods within one informatics platform allows sharing across organizations, and reduces errors and increases efficiency during sequence preparation and analysis. To learn more, visit our Genomics Solution page.