New Biobanking Applications

Direct Visibility into Sample Life Cycle Management

The biobanking solution for Thermo Fisher™ Platform for Science™ software is expanding. The new biobanking applications provide lab managers and scientists with a holistic view of a sample’s life cycle. The new apps deliver the capability to track specimen draw, request, analysis, storage, and destruction. The applications are designed to complement the existing preclinical and clinical study management and in the Marketplace, providing traceability from study design through study closeout.

Organizations can use the apps to monitor biobank activity and generate insights with real time reports to allow for quick and informed decision making. The biobanking applications have been configured in accordance with ISBER best practices, enabling high quality data.

The new Biobanking apps include:

Specimen Inventory Management

The Specimen Inventory Management app enables lab managers to quickly and efficiently manage inventory. The app features dashboards and quick find tools to quickly locate available storage space, view specimen details, and track specimen movements. Scientists and Lab Technicians can use this app to easily navigate to common sample handling processes such as tissue to slide transfer, aliquot creation, and cryopreservation.

Specimen Shipment Management

Use the Specimen Shipment Management app to monitor the entire sample chain of custody. The Specimen Shipment Management app enables its users to track the life cycle of a specimen. The app provides easy navigation to create shipping requests, capture shipping details such as shipping condition, waybill number, shipment approval signatures, and reason for shipment.

Specimen Shipment Collaborator Portal

Streamline the shipment process with CROs and external collaborators with the Specimen Shipment Collaborator Portal app. The Specimen Shipment Collaborator Portal app provides CROs and collaborators with the capability to create shipping requests and view shipment statuses in real time..


Create direct visibility into histology and pathology sample preparation. The pathology app enables its users to track embedded tissues in paraffin blocks or slides created for staining and imaging. Pathologists can directly view the image results and other specimen characteristics streamlining the review process.


The Immunohistochemistry app provides functionality to support processes involved in embedding tissue in paraffin or cryogenic embedding media, sectioning, staining, and imaging of samples.  The app has been designed to allow for sectioning on instruments such as vibratomes, transfer of slices to slides, staining, and image capture and annotation.

Specimen Request Management

Maintain specimen traceability by using the Specimen Request Management app. The app enables internal and external researchers with the capability to request biospecimens by leveraging a dashboard that creates requests and details specimen tracking information.

Biobank Operations Management

Quickly gain visibility and insights into the status of operations by using the Biobank Operations Management app. The app features an out-of-the-box dashboard that provides charts to display the number of samples by project, status of in-process requests, and a breakdown of work in progress.

Biobanking Applications in the Lab

The apps in the Biobanking Solution can be used as a group or combined with applications from Inventory Management, NGS Sample Accessioning or other app groups in the Marketplace to form workflows to fit your lab’s needs.