New Apps for Animal Management and In Vivo Studies

Alleviating Data Management Pain Points in Animal Studies

Animal studies are foundational in research. They allow us to determine efficacy and toxicity, and give us close approximations for human models in drug metabolism, cognitive function, and everything in between. The execution of these types of studies is often spread throughout many groups within an organization, and spans many data management and informatics systems. New applications are now available in the Platform for Science Marketplace to help teams to work and communicate more effectively from IACUC protocol management through in vivo study data capture. Organizations can use the apps to move seamlessly from study design, to IACUC records, to animal ordering and animal measurements including body weight and health observations. From there, users can assign animals to experiments, and track measurements over time in the presence of treatments or other conditions. All information is stored and accessed from the same database – the Platform for Science – providing one centralized location for managing end-to-end data for animal work and protocols. The In Vivo Studies apps include:

Animal Facility Management

The Animal Facility Management app can be used to manage animal subject inventory, including the full chain of custody. It supports animal management from IACUC protocol to routine measurement. The app can also be used to print cage cards and track subjects. Dashboards help users to monitor animal health, manage order processes, and visualize KPIs.

Body Weight Studies

The Body Weight Studies app can be used to design, create, and manage in vivo body weight studies. Dashboards show ongoing studies and the built-in data visualization tools can be used to analyze study data. Use the application to log, capture, and analyze dosing details, sample collection, and measurements.

PK Studies

The PK Studies app is used for in vivo pharmacokinetic studies from design through subject assignment, to data capture and visualization. Users can assign subjects to treatment groups and track the status of ongoing experiments. Data visualization tools can be used to trace analyte concentrations and built-in calculation and charting tools visualize measurement data.

Preclinical Study Management

The Preclinical Study Management app supports data management of research studies involving animal subjects. Users can define preclinical study parameters and add multiple animal subjects to trials. An unlimited range of species (e.g., mouse, rat, dog, monkey, etc.), can be registered individually or in bulk, including unique ID generation. Studies can be linked to animal subject participants, groups, sites, and IACUC approvals. This group of applications can be used individually to support animal studies, or together to provide a more comprehensive in vivo experiment solution. Marketplace applications work out-of-the-box with your existing Platform for Science installation.