New Analytics Tools in the Platform for Science

RStudio tools for data science development and publishing, are now integrated into Thermo Fisher™ Platform for Science™ software, a leading cloud-based platform supporting scientific data management. Data scientists can use the popular RStudio integrated development environment (IDE) and publish their Shiny apps to RStudio Connect and access these applications from the Platform for Science software.

The impact of data science is expanding rapidly and has vast implications for how we analyze data and approach research. As more data is generated the field of life science will exceed its traditional boundaries. In the not so distant future, life science will be filled with opportunities created to utilize this data for greater biomedical gains.

The addition of RStudio to the Platform for Science software will extend the breadth of statistical tools available in the platform, enabling fully integrated laboratories to visualize, understand and interact with their data in new ways.

Tools That Keep Pace with Data Science

Keeping up with rapidly changing technologies is a challenge paramount to researchers, data scientists and statisticians. As laboratory technology changes and biomedical research advances, the underlining data changes in both complexity and size. Research teams are adopting new scientific disciplines and techniques, which in turn bring new entities and data types to manage.

For example, the rise of deep learning in healthcare and life sciences, unheard at this scale just a few years ago, is at the forefront of a new era of developing predictive models and better understanding of the underlying processes that generate data.

Dynamic and Interactive Data Analysis

Shiny is an R package that makes it easy to build powerful and interactive applications using R in the Platform for Science software. RStudio Connect makes it easy to publish Shiny apps for use by other users. This integrated solution will empower scientists to push discovery forward by using state of the art analysis tools to discover insights hidden in data and make challenging scientific problems more clear and solvable.

New RStudio Marketplace Applications

Thermo Fisher Scientific is an official RStudio reseller and we are creating a catalog of Shiny applications for Platform for Science software, designed to flexibly support the changing needs of modern laboratories, integrate data sources, and speed informatics deployments.

Our applications will cover a wide range of academic and biopharma use cases including macromolecule drug discovery, in vitro data analysis, in vivo data analysis, genomics and 3D sample rendering. They will include an array of statistical techniques including supervised and unsupervised machine learning, logistic regression and multi-linear analysis.

An in-depth description of a Platform for Science softtware-RStudio Marketplace application can be found here.

Marc Siladi is a Data Analytics Product Manager for Thermo Fisher Scientific. Previously, Marc was a Research Scientist at Vertex Pharmaceuticals with hands on involvement in innovative drug discovery efforts to benefit patients with deadly diseases. Prior to Vertx, Marc worked at Ambrx, and The Scripps Research Institute.