High Throughput Molecular Biology Applications Launched

New Apps Expand the Capabilities of the Biologics Discovery Solution for Library Generation

Many workflows throughout drug discovery require the generation of biologics, including the creation of libraries via high throughput (HT) methods and automation. At each point in the process, samples are registered and checked for quality, experiments are run, and data is collected. Relationships are forged as samples are transformed into usable pieces, like constructs, cell lines, and proteins. Sequences are verified, and chromatograms, gel images, run conditions, etc., are recorded. All of this together allows scientists to advance therapeutics to patients who need them.

The Biologics Discovery Solution is uniquely positioned to aid R&D organizations executing on these complex processes at all pieces of the pipeline. Our solution is composed of applications that support commonly encountered biologics workflows, but is flexible enough to meet even the most cutting edge methods in biologics generation. The apps readily integrate into existing workflows and can be accessed from any location or device with a connection to the internet. Expanding on our original HT molecular biology application, we’ve introduced five modular apps to align with standard workflows and allow you to create the solution that best fits your needs.

How Can the Molecular Biology Apps Help Me?

The Molecular Biology app group covers standard workflows for creating therapeutics and other biologic reagents, and make the creation and use of biologics easier for scientists across an organization. The apps record samples, reagents, plate maps, etc., used for the generation of biologics libraries. Users can configure relationships and bulk sample registration to support entire workflows from initial sample receipt through intermediate sample creation, and usable end product development. Samples and inventory can be tracked through all locations, freeze-thaws, transfers, and assays.

Seamless integration with other Marketplace applications allows users to manage their biologics library generation pipeline easily. All apps from the Marketplace are configured on Thermo Fisher™ Platform for Science™ software allowing customers to string together apps to create unique solutions. Platform for Science software allows users to integrate with instrumentation and existing IT infrastructure, while maintaining traceability and standardization of processes.

What Do the Molecular Biology Apps Support?

PCR App Platform for Science Marketplace The PCR app allows users to move samples through the development process and record pertinent information relating to the creation of PCR products. Users can determine the next step in their process and can choose to send samples to any number of experimental procedures defined by the user (including to other molecular biology apps).



Gel Electrophoresis App Platform for Science MarketplaceThe Gel Electrophoresis app allows users to evaluate samples, record information around well locations, agarose gel and PAGE conditions, save gel images, and more. Users can tag samples for gel purification steps and leverage the Nucleic Acid Purification Application to perform the next step in this process.



Nucleic Acid Purification App Platform for Science MarketplaceThe Nucleic Acid Purification app allows users to choose kits and protocols, send samples directly to a purification step from inventory or from a previous experiment, and register purified samples upon experiment completion. Use this app to record the purification of samples ready for cloning, transfection, and more.



Restriction Digest App Platform for Science MarketplaceThe Restriction Digest app allows users to choose enzymes and buffers, run conditions, including time and temperature, and record the status of digested samples upon experiment completion. Samples processed in this application can be accessed via other apps downstream.




Molecular Cloning App Platform for Science MarketplaceThe Molecular Cloning app allows users to perform ligation, transformation, and expand bacterial cultures. By combining this application with others from our molecular biology series, users can create an end-to-end cloning solution to specify target sequences, and cloning and expression vectors, in addition to any sample preparation and quality data generated during the process.

Other apps in the Biologics Discovery Solution include: Biologics Registration, High Throughput Screening, Inventory Management, and Assay Request Management.

To learn more read our tech brief on our Biologics Discovery Solution.