Bio-IT World Preview 2016: PFS Marketplace Apps Provide Modularity

A Marketplace of Applications to Extend Your LIMS

Bio-IT World 2016 is right around the corner. This year, we are highlighting our unique modular informatics delivery system, the Platform for Science (PFS) Marketplace. The PFS Marketplace features apps which can be combined to form solutions for scientific domains, such as biologics drug discovery, and run on Core’s cloud-based platform infrastructure: the Platform for Science.

The apps are designed to flexibly support the changing needs of today’s laboratories and speed informatics deployments. The apps allow for immediate integration of multiple data sources including instruments, collaborators and third party solutions. The cloud-native apps in the PFS Marketplace are designed to support laboratory workflows, leveraging industry best practices to cut deployment times. Visitors to the PFS Marketplace can select the apps to meet their needs, and even submit requests for new apps.

The PFS Marketplace apps are built on Core Informatics’ extensible and user-friendly Platform for Science. The apps in the Platform for Science Marketplace integrate seamlessly with one-other and with Core Informatics’ products, including Core LIMSELNSDMS and Core Collaboration, for customers engaged in all phases of scientific product development and innovation. The platform-application system is unique in the lab informatics space. While this model has been successful in other industries, no other LIMS, LIS, ELN, or SDMS provider is offering customers and partners a marketplace of complementary applications built on a single platform.

Innovative Informatics Delivery via Apps

In her Scientific Computing World article, Transforming Informatics with a Marketplace in the Cloud, Sophia Ktori highlighted Core’s “innovative” technology. She attributed the flexibility of Core’s platform in part to “its rapidly expanding library of pre-built applications [which] will enable immediate integration of multiple data sources, including instruments, collaborators, and third party solutions.”

Core Informatics President, Anthony Uzzo, was also quoted in the article. “Core’s Platform for Science is designed to empower users to extend and configure their data management systems quickly and take advantage of industry best practices to meet their changing workflows without custom coding. The Platform for Science Marketplace was created to exploit this adaptable design structure, which anticipates the accelerating speed of global scientific advances.”

Adding to Your LIMS Using Modular Applications

The Platform for Science Marketplace allows customers to identify apps to help them accomplish specific tasks and add tailored capabilities to their informatics system to meet their needs. Labs can add new applications, ensuring as the goals and needs of organizations change, the accompanying lab informatics systems can evolve as well.

The PFS Marketplace was built to provide scientists and lab professionals with access to capabilities for data collection, analysis, storage and sharing that are built using best practices that Core Informatics and our partners have identified and built across a variety of industries. Users can select apps for specific instruments, assays and samples – reducing time spent defining a system from the ground up to meet their needs. The breadth of apps available in the PFS Marketplace can help customers to define their solutions starting from a template, rather than from scratch.

Apps Available Today Include Biologics, Genomics, and Biobanking Workflows

Existing applications include configurable solution sets for Biopharmaceutical Drug Discovery (small molecule and biologics), Personalized Medicine and Genomics (including Next-Gen Sequencing – NGS) and Biobanking laboratories. New applications are constantly being added for customers across industries and scientific capabilities such as analytical testing, animal studies, bioprocessing, high throughput screening, protein engineering and more. Apps are also being co-developed with partners, such as Biomatters, to create consistent plug-and-play integrations for tools and workflows.

Unique Lab Informatics System

In a final message from the Scientific Computing World article, Core Informatics’ VP of Marketing, Mary-Ann Moore summed up benefits of the Marketplace. “Whether you are a CEO interested in speeding up new product initiatives, a researcher trying to break free from inflexible software systems, or a member of the IT team trying to reduce complexity with a truly extensible and flexible system, the Platform for Science Marketplace has something to offer.”

Coming to Bio-IT? Visit Core Informatics at booth #437 At Bio-IT World, and check out information on our Best of Show win last year with Core Collaboration.

Want to know more about modularity and our platform strategy? Request our Platform for Science white paper or schedule a demo.