Mobile LIMS Applications Support Mobile Results Authorization

Mobile LIMS – Technology Where Science Happens

It’s easy to see how mobility benefits scientists working in the field. We can all picture a researcher collecting soil or water samples, but “in the field” can also refer to a technician walking around a manufacturing floor capturing data at specific sampling points. In fact, LIMS Applications in the Field, part 1 of our Mobile LIMS blog series, covered exactly that:  the benefits of mobile technology for scientists capturing data in real time wherever science happens. If we take a step back and visualize how we use mobile technology in our day-to-day lives, it’s clear that we don’t limit our phone or tablet usage to when we are away from our home or office. How many times during the day do we answer an email or do work from our tablet or phone, even when we’re at the office? The laboratory is no different, especially for lab managers who are constantly bouncing between tasks.

Let’s consider how a well-designed mobile solution can deliver value for laboratory managers authorizing results on the go.

Mobile LIMS – Technology Where Science Happens is a three-part series examining scenarios where mobile capabilities deliver great value in the laboratory. Part 1 – LIMS Applications in the Field, focused on the use of mobile applications in the field. This blog examines the use of mobile applications for results authorization.

Using a LIMS to Authorize Results on the Go

Laboratory managers are in constant motion. Keeping the laboratory running smoothly means troubleshooting instruments, working with suppliers, and ensuring staff is properly trained on the latest regulations, safety protocols, instruments and methods. This demanding schedule makes it difficult to find time to sit at a workstation and review test results. But when a customer is waiting for their report, the laboratory manager must make time.

With a tablet and a LIMS-enabled app, laboratory managers should be able to review and authorize results from anywhere, enabling them to create pockets of time while on the go. Ideally, the tablet should show the laboratory manager data in a way that is optimized for a tablet display, making data review quick and easy. Labs tailor their LIMS to their specific workflows through configuration. Any configurations made in the standard version of the LIMS need to be reflected in the mobile version.

The laboratory manager should be able to use a mobile device to quickly locate a sample or test to review and see the results. The mobile application needs to check results against defined standards, highlighting exceptions for easier identification. After reviewing the results, the laboratory manager should be able to authorize the results in the mobile app. The result status must be updated in real time for all system users and trigger the next step in the process, whether that sends the sample for further analysis or releases the approved results to the customer.

Science in Motion: Thermo Scientific SampleManager Mobile Application

Thermo Scientific™ SampleManager™ Mobile 3.0 addresses not only the challenges of the scientist in the field as described in Part 1, it has been built with all of the needs of a laboratory manager in mind. Whether in the lab, at their desk, or somewhere else entirely, the lab manager can ensure work is being executed correctly and that their approval isn’t the step standing between a customer and their data.  SampleManager Mobile 3.0 shows the same screen and workflow configurations as the standard version for enhanced usability. Intuitive navigation controls help the lab manager instantly locate samples and tests to review. The mobile app also evaluates results against defined standards, helping the laboratory manager quickly identify exceptions. With SampleManager Mobile 3.0, authorizing results becomes another routine task that fits seamlessly into the laboratory manager’s schedule, regardless of their location.

Visit the SampleManager product page for more information on our mobile technology and how our customers use SampleManager LIMS to drive their digital transformation.

Mike Ryan is a Product Marketing Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific. His focus is defining digital connectivity solutions supporting the connected laboratory, accelerating scientific discoveries and streamlining lab operations.