Low Tech Solutions to Finding High Tech Employees

While keeping your attention on the road, hands firmly planted ten and two and obeying posted speed limits, glance right as you pass Exit 56 Southbound on I-95. As of December 1, 2015, this exit which takes you to the Core Informatics Branford Site, will be adorned by this 14’ x 45’ billboard.

core billboard final

Core Informatics continues to grow driving the need for talented software programmers, developers, architects and more. With the web crawling with job sites, it’s hard to get noticed, and so Core is trying an old method to solve a new issue – print advertising to find high-tech labor.

So why not use more modern tech solutions? Actually, Core uses many of those too, actively leveraging LinkedIn and other sites to connect with potential candidates.  However, companies spend countless dollars on job websites hoping for the perfect candidate but according to one study by seriousjobseeker.bogspot.com, only 4% of employees get hired after pursuing a job posted on a site like Monster or Career Builder. Other avenues of advertising for searchers and seekers include sites like Indeed.com which aggregate job announcements from a number of sources, including Monster and Careerbuilder. Employers can even advertise for free on Indeed, however these help wanted ads can’t be viewed on mobile devices. “Free” always has a catch.

Employers seeking a hardcore web approach to finding new employees can now legally stalk potentials by taking up residence on glassdoor.com.  Glassdoor takes finding employees to a new level, by profiling clicks and sending suggestions. Visitors to glassdoor.com will find that if they click a job ad, they will receive an e-mail before long suggesting they go back and take another look. Setting up a profile and posting a resume guarantees that ads and e-mails will follow. Glassdoor tracks who candidates are, where they live and what interests them, and they sell that information to the highest bidding company.

Software engineers are in high demand and short supply. For job sites, that’s big bucks.

According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of software developers is projected to grow 22 percent from 2012 to 2022, much faster than the average for all occupations. However, supply is not keeping up with demand. The battle between companies for talent is fierce. According to forbes.com IT jobs that require cloud computing skills have only 9 candidates per job opening as of December 12, 2014. Other job openings offer hundreds of applicants per posting.

Studies show that the best ways to find the highest quality candidates is through low tech solutions. Most employees are found through referrals from employees inside the company. Core has experienced this phenomenon as well with more than half of our hiring over the past two years coming from this source.

With low tech bringing high success, Core is taking its message to the streets to build awareness among local engineers already enjoying the high quality of life on the Connecticut shoreline.