Never Work a Day in Your Life

Confucius said: Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

While people love making lots of money, making money rarely makes a person love their work. Sure there are finance moguls who love their jobs, but there are many trade workers and not-for-profit staffers working for a lot less who couldn’t be pried away from what they do. So, what makes a person love their job?

The What

Using skills and knowledge – Remember what you went to college for, or what you have studied on your own or learned on the job? Nothing feels better than applying that knowledge. For example, software engineers tend to be transient so that they can remain on the cutting edge. Yesterday’s technology just doesn’t keep them engaged. At Core Informatics we provide an individual training budget so our software engineers can stay up to date on the latest in Java, Linux, J2EE, Javascript, JSP, SQL, Oracle, MySQL, or whatever programming topics they prefer.

The Why

Does your work matter? People don’t need to feel they are saving the world, but most report that they take satisfaction in having a positive impact. Employees feel good when what they do makes a difference. Is your company improving the world? At Core Informatics we are overwhelmed by the scientific achievements of our customers. It is extremely gratifying to know our products are playing a part in organizations making advancements in drug R&D, personalized medicine and even food testing and development.


It matters who you work with. The support and challenge of the others you collaborate with helps people enjoy the work. Coworkers who share a sense of worth and goals drive each other to progress and succeed. Business mixed with social interaction makes for an inspiring work environment. When people like their work environment it shows.


Software engineers who love their jobs feel compelled by the work they do, not because they have to, but because they are curious to see what is next. They are interested in the outcomes. Forbes magazinedescribes this as employees who have “successfully integrated elements of those passions into what they do.” Whether a job or a hobby – the most engaging job is challenging and interesting.

Enjoy the Ride

People who enjoy their jobs tend to handle ups and downs well in general. Failures don’t bring them down for long, and successes are great but they realize the next challenge is around the corner. People who love their jobs love the journey, not just the destination.

One for All

Steven Covey once said that successful people know “there are enough slices of pie for everyone.” Successful people celebrate others’ successes without being threatened by them. They share in the feeling of success when they watch a member of the team do well. Work is more fulfilling for those who enjoy the achievement of their team as well as their own.

The Core Informatics Team

At Core Informatics, our employees are challenged to give their best and work their hardest to develop software that help companies improve quality of life. We are constantly challenged to make our product better to support our clients. The work environment is one of collaboration and encouragement. We work hard – but also find time for a little play. We make a point of celebrating successes big and small on a regular basis. Our LIMS helps our clients improve the world.

Don’t work… Love what you do!

Li Hayes is the Director of Employee success at Core informatics.