User Group Meeting Recap

Launch2017 was bigger and better than ever. This year, as part of our sixth annual event, we joined together with our newly expanded Digital Science team, including our colleagues from Thermo Fisher Scientific. There were many customer presentations, including from Amgen, Cell Signaling Technology, The Jackson Laboratory, BioBank AS, and UTSouthwestern. In addition to customer presentations, the user group meeting included themed discussions and hands-on training and seminars.

Thank you, to all of our customers, partners and sponsors who attended the event.

The Digital Transformation

The conference began with presentations from Mark Stevenson, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Thermo Fisher Scientific and Josh Geballe, Vice President and General Manager of Digital Science for Thermo Fisher Scientific. They discussed the digital transformation scientific organizations are currently experiencing (or will experience quite soon), and the creation of the Digital Science business unit of Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Josh Geballe gave an expanded state of the business presentation which highlighted plans for the growth of the Platform for Science, including a new Marketplace of applications. By the end of the year, the Marketplace will have expanded to over 100 apps. Future categories for app development in 2018 and beyond will include: chemical & petrochemical, energy & clean technology, environmental, food & beverage, MDx & clinical, and oil & gas. The presentation also highlighted the benefits of bringing together our complete informatics portfolio including SampleManager, Nautilus and Watson LIMS. Moving forward, it is a goal to enable these additional products to run on the Platform for Science. The expanded resources available in the Digital Science business unit have a combined industry and technical expertise, which can deliver increased value to our customers.

The Lab of the Future

The Platform for Science supports an open ecosystem to accelerate innovation and drive productivity. No matter the instrument vendor or software supplier, it is our goal to enable them to be used in scientific workflows on the Platform for Science. We believe the digital lab of the future will help us to make decisions based on predictive analytics and drive operational efficiency. It will automate and simplify ordering, simplify IT service and support, and simplify instrument support. The lab of the future will enable internal and external collaboration, streamline laboratory workflows and accelerate the journey form sample to knowledge.

Launch2017 included a panel discussion on the lab of the future and how digital science and lab informatics will contribute to its evolution. Speakers for our lab of the future discussion panel included:

  • David Swartz, Scientist, International Paper Company
  • Dustin Kucko, Process Development Engineer II, Regeneron
  • Mark Field, Vice President, Information Technology, Emerging Technologies & Services, Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Matthew Grulke, Sr Director, Product Development & Technology, Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Anthony Uzzo, Vice President, Research & Development, Digital Science, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Platform for Science Updates

The Platform for Science was created with the intent to become the one platform you need to manage your laboratory data and processes. This flexibility of the underlying data model supports the rapid deployment and configurability necessary for the digital transformation labs are encountering. With the addition of SampleManager LIMS, Watson LIMS and Nautilus LIMS to the Digital Science family, we are moving even closer to this reality.

Version 6.0 of the Platform for Science is on track to be released in 2018. Highlights discussed at Launch2017 by Anthony Uzzo, Vice President R&D, Digital Science, Thermo Fisher Scientific, include:

  • A unified user experience for all applications
  • Simplified navigation
  • Action tabs to help users find assigned work and frequently used items
  • Search across both structured and unstructured data — combining existing capabilities (structured) with new keyword search to allow searching across all content in the system to display relevant context-aware results
  • Quick access to your most recent entities
  • Improved use of full screen real estate
  • Simplified workflow definition tools

The Platform for Science Developer Portal was also announced at Launch2017. This will enable developers to create applications for the Platform for Science and make them available to other users on the Marketplace. Currently only PFS users can code for the platform, but we expect third party developers to begin using the portal soon. The Portal is the first step in the open ecosystem we hope to create to accelerate innovation and drive productivity for our customers.

Thank You

We would like to say one more thank you to our customers. This has been an exciting year for Core Informatics, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, and we are so glad you could be with us on our journey. We will continue strengthening the Platform for Science, to help you to manage your laboratory data and processes more easily and support your scientific insights.

Thank you for attending Launch2017, we are already planning for Launch2018 and look forward to seeing you next year.