‘Birds of a Feather’ Themed Discussions Will Help Customers to Connect with Each-Other at Core’s UGM

At Core Informatics, planning our User Group Meeting is one of our favorite times of the year. The anticipation of having so many successful Platform for Science users in the same place is exciting. Every year we try to include more information to benefit our users. Because of this, we grapple with the issue of wanting to schedule more customer presentations than can comfortably fit into a two-day event.

Just because we limit presenters, doesn’t mean every single one of our customers doesn’t have a story to tell. At Launch, the person sitting next to you might just have a solution you hadn’t considered or an experience that could help your lab. Chance meetings are always helpful to facilitate these discussions, but why leave things to chance?

Conversation Groups/Mini-Seminars Created by Scientific Interest

One of the most important benefits to attendees of Launch2016 is the ability to have meaningful discussion time with peers to share experiences using Core’s Platform for Science and the Core LIMS.

Core Informatics has organized “Birds of a Feather” discussions during Launch2016 which will feature themed & moderated discussion around key topics. Specific Birds of a Feather tables will be set-up during lunch on both days, each with a moderator to keep the discussion flowing. The moderator’s expertise in using the Core platform in his or her particular field of interest will help other users to understand how they may be able to use Core’s platform more effectively.

These discussion groups will allow users to have direct exposure to other customers who are also using the Core platform to similar ends to learn their best practices and experiences as well (no chance encounters required).

Launch2016 Birds of a Feather Discussion Topics

Discussion topics were determined by several consistent trends amongst Core customers.



This is a hot topic amongst Core customers. We have addressed this issue recently with both a webinar (A Comprehensive Platform for Biologics Discovery) and a tech brief (A Comprehensive Approach for Biologics Discovery). There will be moderated discussions surrounding biologics on both days of Launch2016. Pick one day or both—the conversations are sure to be different and worthwhile.



We know you have partners, other sites, CROS, and customers who want to see their data. The Collaboration discussion group will delve into how to successfully share real-time data with certain customers and projects, without sharing access to information you would like to retain privately



There will be two separate genomics discussions: Precision Medicine and Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) Workflows. The discussions will focus around the future of these fields as well as the NGS Illumina workflows available in Core’s genomics solution.



The issue of integrating data between old and new systems is facing many Core users. This discussion will focus on the best ways to integrate systems, as well as best practices for automation within the lab to aid scientific workflows. New capabilities available in PFS 5.2 will be covered.



Core’s platform is being used to support drug discovery and compound management. This discussion will focus on how customers may be able to use the platform more effectively.



The stability module presented by Core Informatics is being used across industries. This presentation will be led by a former customer (now Core employee) who was key in the development of this capability within the Core system.



The creation of a validated system is a time-consuming endeavor. In these groups you will have the opportunity to speak with moderators who are running the Core system in a validated environment. This is will afford attendees the opportunity to ask questions and learn from the experiences of these Core users. The discussions will also center around the agile delivery of a validated system.

Birds of a Feather tables will be open for discussions on both days of Launch2016. Seating at the tables is open. Attendees will also be able to mark their ID badges with conversation topics to foster pick-up discussions and networking throughout the event.

There is still time to register for Launch2016. Reserve your ticket today.