Increasing Communication Between Customers & Across Software Systems

In a whirlwind two days, Launch2016, Core Informatics’ fifth annual user group meeting included themed discussions, user presentations, new product announcements, and hands-on training. Thank you to our customers and partners who attended and made Launch2016 an educational and fun event!

There were many customer presentations, including from Affymetrix, Amgen, Cell Signaling Technology, Genentech, Jounce Therapeutics, and Pfizer. The customer presenters spoke about the future of laboratory work and lab informatics, high-throughput biologics, and building an informatics platform for a biologics start-up. Several speakers discussed the journey of choosing, developing and implementing a laboratory informatics platform. Validating systems and collaborating between facilities were also addressed.

Birds of Feather Roundtable Discussions

One of the benefits to attending Launch2016 was for customers to have meaningful discussion time with peers and to share experiences using Core’s Platform for Science. This year’s meeting included an opportunity for users to discuss shared interests face-to-face at our newly introduced Birds of a Feather lunch tables. Customers engaged in moderator-lead conversations around: genomics, biopharma, collaboration, integration, stability, small molecule discovery, and validation.

Growth at Core Informatics

For Core, our focus remains firmly on the customer. In his welcome address, Josh Geballe, CEO, outlined Core’s continued strong growth – signing new customers and helping current customers to expand. Core has hired more employees to support customer success and has opened new offices to be geographically closer to clients. The growth of our User Experience (UX) team will further assist customers to achieve success with the Platform for Science.

Platform for Science Announcements

The crux of the presentation from Core’s President, Anthony Uzzo, was biopharma’s need for a scalable, extensible, platform approach to lab informatics. Not the traditional approach that has evolved in pharma over the past decades of point-to-point integrations resulting in spaghetti code, and software that can’t be upgraded or can’t support changing requirements over time without extensive coding efforts.

The Platform for Science provides biopharmas with a sustainable lab informatics platform that evolves to meet customers’ changing needs over time – whether they need to add new biologic modalities, automate data capture from new instruments, or integrate with emerging analytical tools.

The Platform for Science is made more powerful by the application solution sets available via the  Marketplace. Solutions leveraging apps are being deployed (in TEST of course!) at kick-off meetings for new customers. The delivery of apps is speeding time to PROD for customers. Across all projects using applications, Core has seen a 46% decrease in time from contract signature to PROD.

In addition to current solution sets for small molecule drug discovery, biologics discovery, Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) and biobanking, Core is adding additional solution sets for:

  • Cellular Therapy
  • Biologics Development
  • Microbiome
  • Biomarker Analysis
  • DMPK & Toxicology
  • Sanger Sequencing
  • Small Molecule Development
  • Genomics Capture Technologies, and more!

Introducing Core Connect and the New OData API

Core Connect allows users to open the door to communication between the Platform for Science and other software systems. This product is comprised of a suite of integration services designed to unlock data in the Platform for science to be analyzed, used, and shared. Current customers can think of Core Connect as a rebranding of the Core SDK, and additional new capabilities.

One of the main integration tools available in Core Connect is Core’s new OData API. The OData API was built to meet the needs of developers and end users who need to integrate data across a variety of proprietary databases, programming languages, and applications. The new API turns the Platform for Science into a producer of OData, making it easier for users to build integrations.

Validated Cloud Deployment Offering

To assist our customers who want to move to the cloud, but needed to be in a validated environment, Core Informatics now offers a validated cloud infrastructure. Core is the first LIMS vendor with a validated cloud deployment offering. It was created through close collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The benefits to this offering include cost and time savings and decreased risk.

Microservices for Continuous Delivery and Agility

As the Platform for Science has grown over time, Core Informatics has added more capabilities to the platform. These new services created a monolithic set of code which took longer and longer to release new versions. To ensure continuous delivery to, and agility for, our customers, Core Informatics is moving toward the use of microservices. With this new process, discrete packets of software can be upgraded or changed, without changing the performance of other capabilities of the Platform for Science.

Thank You

One more thank you, because we can never say it enough, to our customers, partners, and employees for making Launch2016 a success. We are already planning for Launch2017 and look forward to seeing you there!