The recent growth and expansion at Core Informatics proves the benefit of the disruptive innovation generated by our Platform for Science as more customers are evolving to a new value realization in their informatics investments.

Virtually every Enterprise Software category‰’s competitive landscape is being reshaped by companies which leverage the Nexus of Forces. The Nexus of Forces, as described by Gartner, is the convergence and mutual reinforcement of social, mobility, cloud and information patterns that drive new business scenarios. These forces are revolutionizing business and society, disrupting old business models and creating new leaders.

The Platform for Science&the Nexus of Forces


Core released v5.0 which established our organization as first and only scientific data management platform to provide a fully responsive web design, enabling scientists to access all of their data security from any tablet or smartphone.


In response to our leadership in the Cloud, Amazon Web Services recognized Core Informatics as the only recognized scientific data management platform in their Life Sciences Competency Program. Approximately 50% of our customers now run in AWS and these companies entrust their most sensitive results to Core, as they can rest assured knowing their data are encrypted at rest and in transit and that 3rd parties regularly perform penetration tests to validate Core & AWS‰’s security practices.


While our customers have recognized Core‰’s unique abilities to deal with the velocity, volume and variety associated with their big data needs, we now offer out of the box support for data visualization, providing configured integration to our Cloud based Tableau servers.


In response to the growing trend toward needs of our customers to socialize and securely exchange data with their partners, we released a new, award-winning product, Core Collaboration.

Core works withleaders in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, clinical diagnostics and precision medicine markets who are bringing about innovation and change in their industries. Through this work Core has developed a Nexus of Forces specific to these industries.

The Core Platform Infrastructure


Core has been very fortunate to partner with leaders in biologics and precision medicine in providing informatics solutions to support their laboratories and these interactions have shaped and evolved our approach to solutions delivery.

The application tier of our solution stack enables customers to only deploy the functionality required to support their current need without having to be burdened with the feature bloat associated with other legacy systems. As needs change or evolve, other applications can be added or configured without requiring custom code.

While applications have existed in our platform since version 4, what we were missing was a Marketplace to exchange apps and ideas with customers and partners.

In July we announced the Launch of the Platform for Science Marketplace.

The first application marketplace of its kind offering scientists a library of pre-built apps supporting the technologies and workflows in high demand amongst our customer base including collections for: Drug Discovery, Biobanking, and Next Generation Sequencing.

Most of the 40 applications currently in our Marketplace are free to customers.

The OData API

With a few exceptions, all of the applications in the Platform for Science Marketplace are currently configured vs. coded. Though the current Core REST API is extremely strong and powerful, itrequirescustomers and partners need to learn the API and develop point to point integrations. This challenge spans the entire informatics industry, but Coreplans to strengthenourunique platform by utilizing a standardized API.

We envision a future state with more coded applications like Tableau and ChemAxon and as a result, our product team has been very focused on evolving our REST API to a more standards based approach to support our growing ecosystem of PFS partners. This standards based API or OData will open a new world for our customers when it comes to integration between systems. Marketplace Applications are the focus for future innovation at Core and these coded applications built on top of our OData API will offer customers the ability to rapidly facilitate integration to other software and instrumentation.

Core Updates

As we add more clients and new features, we are already anticipating the challenges of the future and making plans to ensure we can innovate, deploy and support our clients for years to come. New updates to the Core system include:

  • New coded applications available in the Platform for Science Marketplace
  • New data types and new triggers to operate on those data types
  • FHIR Health Level 7
  • New Languages and time zone availability
  • Keyword search
  • Scheduling and tasks
  • Ad hoc @mentions available

For a more through list, watch the presentation from Launch2015.