Launch2014 Speaker Preview- Sebastien Lombardi

Q&A with Sebastien Lombardi

Sebastien Lombardi is the Scientific Data Manager of OncoDesign, an international leader in the preclinical evaluation of anticancer therapies. He is working on the deployment of the Core LIMS in four separate laboratories: Formulation lab, MRI lab, Vitro lab & Vivo lab. In advance of his presentation at the Core Informatics User Group Meeting, Launch2014, Sebastien took the time to answer a few questions about the use of Core LIMS at OncoDesign.

How do you use the Core LIMS in your drug discovery process?

At OncoDesign all discovery compounds are managed in the LIMS, from the reception and storage, to the preparation and shipment. Most of the tests on our compounds are completed by a subcontractor. After the experimental results are received from the subcontractor they are registered in the LIMS.The next big step for our system will be to create in-depth analysis (including the structures of compounds), using additional tools which can utilize data from the LIMS.

You have the LIMS in several different laboratories. What are the similarities and differences between these deployments?

The Core LIMS is being deployed in four different laboratories at OncoDesign. Though the laboratories are different, their work is linked. They often work on the same compounds for a specific customer study. For example, a laboratory can create in the LIMS a compound sent by the customer and another lab will analyze it, and will register experimental results. We have small teams, but drug discovery is always a complex process.

What is the biggest benefit to using the LIMS?

One of the biggest benefits to using the LIMS is also one of the most obvious. We now have data centralized in one system (instead of dozens of Excel files for example).

Not only is the LIMS helpful for data management, but it solved another problem for us as well. Until now, we had been lacking a compound management system- there were no specific labels to be used on cryovials. The technician had to use MS Word to create the labels. Unfortunately, these labels were not suited for use at lower temperatures, so the quality of these cryovials was poor. Now, with the LIMS, the creation of labels can be done in a short time and the quality is much better.

How has the LIMS changed your workflow and work environments?

With the implementation of any new system it takes some time for users to adapt to new way of working. We are confident the transition will prove to be successful.

I can give you a very specific and positive example of how the LIMS has expedited our activities. Before the LIMS, the workflow around the shipments could take two weeks. Now, the workflow time is averaging around three days.

What is it like to work with the team at Core Informatics?

I highly appreciate working with the team at Core Informatics. They always respond to my questions and my needs quickly and with great professionalism.

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