Launch2014 Speaker Preview- MAJ Dan Erwin

The Experimental Therapeutics (ET)branch at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research has nearly half a century history of drug development in support of America‰’s Warfighter. Fundamental components of ET‰’s successful product development to combat infectious disease includea physical repository with over one million compounds and associated database of compound-related information. Prior to 2013, ET had been utilizing a homegrown database (CIS) for managing compound-related information. Advances in commercial off the shelf (COTS) technology capable of increasing ET‰’s efficiency and effectiveness led to the decision to migrate away from the CIS. In June, 2013 the Core LIMS (LIMS) officially replaced the CIS as ET‰’s COTS-based LIMS to support drug development.

The LIMS is now used in all aspects of ET‰’s drug development mission to include: 1) compound registration (>5,000 annually); inventory (>700,000 samples); shipments (>15,000 annually); and data associated with chemical & biological testing (>20 active test systems). The transition from CIS to Core LIMS was technically challenging due to the high level of complexity associated with each of these laboratory functions. A number of these challenges were identified after the initial system launch including areas of sample registration, testing requests, data uploads, database search & report generation and historical record transition. Importantly, all of these challenges were addressed through additional instruction provided to the system administrators and end users, changes in business practices and/or Core LIMS modifications. Efforts by Core Informatics have greatly influenced positive outcomes by providing dedicated support throughout the transition. The Core LIMS administration group, including ET, Core Informatics and repository personnel, continues to work jointly to provide user-friendly solutions associated with data input, inventory management, infrastructure, system security, and overall implementation of the Core LIMS into the drug development process.

To hear more from Major Dan Erwin and learn how he is using the Core LIMS to help combat infectious disease, register for the Core Informatics User Group Meeting, Launch2014.