Launch2013 in Review – Mark Kershaw

Launch2013 in Review

FORMA Therapeutics, one of Core‰’s earliest customers, was one of the presenters at Launch2013. Mark Kershaw, the Head of Analytical Sciences and Compound Management, discussed Core LIMS driven automated ADME and physiochemical profiling in support of drug discovery and development. Forma focuses on cancer drug discovery and the development of drugs for novel target classes.

Dealing with the large array of data generated by modern high throughput ADME workflows can pose problems for labs. The importance of increasing speed and productivity while reducing operational expenses by enabling ‰÷go/no-go‰’ decisions at the early stages of drug discovery projects while also allowing for the prioritization of promising lead compounds cannot be understated. The ADME-Tox profile that Forma uses to accomplish this, creates a large array of data which requires a comprehensive data and information management system like Core LIMS.

High Throughput ADME profiling is an integral part of FORMA‰’s discovery pipeline and testing funnel. The company has an automated chemistry platform capable of supporting the synthesis of 100,000 novel compounds per year. It has a centralized archive of over 500,000 compounds, does ADME-Tox profiling of up to 10,000 compounds per year for lead optimization projects, and does LC/MS characterization and purification supporting 150,000 compounds per year. A unique informatics platform was an essential component to setting FORMA‰’s high levels of productivity in motion.

Core Informatics was able to satisfy FORMA‰’s unique informatics requirements and deliver a configured LIMS platform enabling research capabilities including automated parallel synthesis

The platform supports compound and lot registration, structure searching and associated compound properties, chemical reagent inventory, workstation management, compound management operations, QC and compound integrity tracking, LC/MS library purification, and ADME operations. Core‰’s scalable platform and flexible workflow, in addition to instrument integration, have become integral to FORMA‰’s discovery pipeline and testing funnel enabling improved triaging of potential lead drug candidates at lower costs and short cycle times.

If you missed Mark Kershaw‰’s presentation last year, register to see it here. Make sure to register for this year‰’s Launch2014, to learn from industry experts and hear new user presentations.