Syngenta is one of the world’s leading companies with more than 28,000 employees in some 90 countries dedicated to a high level purpose: Bringing plant potential to life.The main business areas of Syngenta are crop protection and seeds.

The Syngenta ‘Tissue Culture’ project kicked off during July 2012 following an increase in breeding and testing capabilities in various crops. New glass houses were built to accommodate those needs and the existing data management methods were no longer robust enough to support the growth in these labs.

This project focused on delivering a new LIMS solution for five tissue culture laboratories in different locations around the world: UK, US, Chile and Guatemala doing double haploid plant production protocols in wheat and corn crops.Future deliveries are planned to broaden the scope into the other tissue culture labs in Syngenta, for additional crops and all their protocols.

Core LIMS was selected among other potential tools to accommodate the 650 specific requirements raised by the labs. The system’s flexibility, its multiple out of the box features, and its web based interface that can be structured to support a step-by-step work protocol made the impression that this tool can indeed be the global solution Syngenta was looking for when it selected Core Informatics at the end of 2013.

A project team of skilled professionals from Syngenta and Core Informatics collaborated to create a full system for Syngenta. This multi-tenant or ‰private cloud‰ deployment represents one global system that harmonizes several protocols and supports the work flow of five independent tissue culture laboratories around the world.The process from start to deployment took place in less than 1 year. The lab team’s representatives, the future users of the system, were key players in contributing to the system design and configuration.