Lab Automation & Productivity in Small Molecule Drug Discovery at FORMA Therapeutics

Customer Success with Thermo Scientific™ Core LIMS™ Software

“You guys are rock solid.” – Wallace Pringle PhD, Senior Director of Chemical Technology and Site Head, FORMA Therapeutics.

We love it when a customer tells us that. FORMA has used Core LIMS software for over eight years to drive productivity from its initial start-up to its growth into a mature organization with multiple therapeutics in the clinic designed to treat cancer and other serious diseases.

High Productivity in One Small Lab

A key research site for FORMA produces a high proportion of all discovery focused small molecules for the organization. For this operation, Core LIMS software is key to accelerating discovery via automated processes, simplifying data management and integrity, and achieving high productivity.

On its journey from inception in the chemist’s eye to creation, each small molecule and all relevant data created on its path, are tracked in Core LIMS software. The Tecan™ driven synthesis in the lab is powered by Core LIMS software, with the site capable of synthesizing and purifying hundreds of novel compounds per day. Core LIMS software tracks every aspect of this process, from rational design on to the shipping manifests generated when the compounds are delivered to a new location for biological testing.

Virtually every aspect of FORMA’s highly automated system is touched by Core LIMS software. “You guys are good at understanding the needs of your customers,” said Dr. Pringle. “You have a responsiveness and understand the pharmaceutical model, which is key.”

Data Traceability with Core LIMS Software

Pharmaceutical discovery and development are highly regulated environments. The ability to track every piece of data throughout a molecule’s life-cycle is invaluable. Reporting from Core LIMS software allows chemists to look back at every aspect of the entire history of the small molecule and its associated biological testing data. With multiple therapeutics currently in clinical trials, FORMA is secure in knowing its data connected to the development of these drugs is sound. “We’ve never had a bit of data corrupted or any data loss. That’s a fantastic strength,” said Dr. Pringle.

Barcodes are fully utilized and scanned before any activity takes place, ensuring the sample data is associated correctly. Some of the data/information associated with the following tasks that are collected in Core LIMS software include:

  • Library enumeration and synthesis protocol management
  • Small molecule registration, calculated properties, and details
  • Automated LC-MS Purification, fraction management, and LC-MS Analysis
  • High throughput ADME assays supporting therapeutic profiling
  • Comprehensive inventory management of molecules, chemical, and reagents

Core LIMS software enables reconciliation of samples, data, protocols, and events.  Dealing with this large amount of data can often be difficult for labs, which is why the comprehensive data management system is so useful. Increasing speed and productivity, while reducing expenses by enabling faster decision making in the early stages of drug discovery, is giving this site a competitive advantage.