I‰’m Richard Duffy, I have joined Core Informatics to be part of a great team.

I have spent the last 20+ years designing, building and delivering enterprise software for a broad range of companies in many industries. Throughout my career I have always been thrust into a customer facing role, whether in product management, solutions engineering or professional services. I started my career with Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) where I was put through boot camp and gained an appreciation for how to effectively deliver solutions to customers. That experience led me to a small consulting firm in Boston, where unlike Andersen Consulting where projects lived for a long time, they used a SWAT team approach to solution delivery focused on going in, doing a great job and getting out. This approach showed me how important it is to deliver great results for a customer very quickly so they can obtain value out of the solution. Customers were so satisfied they would call us back to help them with other projects. After these stints in consulting, I settled into commercial enterprise software with several up and coming companies (i.e., start-ups). As with any start-up I wore many hats engineering, product management, sales, key grip, janitor, etc. The teams I worked with delivered great products to many fortune 500 companies. This is where I found my personal niche. I thoroughly enjoy the process of building and delivering enterprise software and the growing companies around this.

My most recent opportunity led me to manage the product development, IT and customer support groups at Fiserv. Fiserv is a very large organization. I was now on the other side of the table from where I was in the past. This is where I obtained an appreciation for what it takes for a company to adopt and support software for its internal users. I enjoyed my role, but yearned to be back in enterprise software with a nimble and growing company. That need resulted in a path to Core Informatics. A colleague asked me to provide a reference for a position at Core. That is when I met Anthony and Jim. As we discussed their business I found myself very impressed in what they had accomplished and their vision for the future. After a few months we reconnected and were able to find an opportunity for me to join the team.

Core is in a very unique position. With a great product that immediately provides value to customers, we have an opportunity to change the landscape for how data is managed. Our solutions allow our customers to focus on the science as opposed to data management where they are doing great things. Everyone at Core is very focused on driving value for our customers. I am proud to a member of the team and look forward to driving success with our customers.