Introducing Dan Huston — our Technical Solutions Manager for Genomics

I‰’m Dan Huston, a Technical Solutions Manager concentrating on the needs of our genomics clients at Core Informatics. I am a former Lab Scientist with a specialization in Next Generation Sequencing and I plan to bring my expertise to work by helping researchers, scientists and their facilities make the most out of their Core LIMS experience.

I started my career at the Yale Center for Genome Analysis. At the Center, I worked with scientists researching from Yale and all over the world, in all areas of Genetics and Genomics, from basic science to translational research. In order to meet the diverse research needs of our clients, we had to adapt workflows and procedures quickly, and efficiently.

From New Haven I moved to Manhattan to help build Mount Sinai‰’s Genomics Core Facility from the ground up. While at Mount Sinai we increased the size and scope of the facility from a small research scale laboratory to a full production environment, including NGS CLIA diagnostic testing operations, one of the first clinical NGS facilities in the country. Besides running the day-to-day sample prep and sequencing operations, I also was heavily involved in procurement, planning and resource management, all things which give me an extra insight into what laboratories from all over need from a LIMS installation, from Lab research to Operation and Business-level requirements.

From Mount Sinai, I moved to the New York Genome Center. As the first laboratory personnel hired, I helped build the foundation for the start-up non-profit center for the pilot laboratory and then the large-scale production facility. After moving away from the bench, I designed the LIMS workflows for fully automated laboratory processes, including robotic instrument integration, project management-level reporting, and Operations-Level metric gathering and reporting. I also configured the LIMS to integrate with the ERP system, for inventory management feedback and project tracking metrics.

Throughout my career, I have significantly contributed to the development of early stage laboratory operations. Along the way, I have also customized, beta-tested and configured a number of enterprise level software solutions.

My interests are in Production-scale Operations Development, Clinical Next Generation Sequencing, as well as general Organizational Development. For Core LIMS, I plan on bringing my NGS domain perspective to design creative and pragmatic NGS solutions, all with the user experience as most important. All-in-all, I‰’m very happy to be joining the team.