Introducing Core Version 5.0

Core Informatics is thrilled to announce the release of Core Version 5.0. This new release was created for the way we live today. Version 5.0 was designed to give you easy access to your information, no matter where you are or what device you are using.

Core‰’s version 5.0 was created with a Mobile-First mindset. Version 5.0 was built using responsive web design techniques and employs a flat user interface to introduce the feelings of ease and familiarity already associated with many consumer mobile applications. This release solidifies Core‰’s position as the only Mobile-First vendor in the informatics industry.

Core listened to customer requests for increased mobility and realized it was important to provide a product which could be easily optimized for any mobile device. The responsive design at the heart of Core 5.0 has created a stable user interface which is capable of dealing with the ebbs and flows of the rapidly evolving hardware market. This flexibility creates a more attractive, navigable and reliable user experience.

The benefits are obvious as soon as you see a side-by-side comparison. The easy reading and navigation eliminate or minimize manual resizing, panning, horizontal scrolling, pinching, and zooming.

Small Molecule Details on v4.2 and v5.oSmall Molecule Details 96 Well Plate Details on v4.2 and v5.096 Well Plate Details

The Core 5.0 desktop experience has benefited from the Mobile-First mindset. Mobile consumers expect more visuals and easier navigation. These aspects were incorporated into version 5.0 and have made the desktop version a more robust, friendlier experience.

Management Home Page on v5.0

New visualization methods are now in place with bigger, bolder gadgets and dashboards in a variety of colors which can be tailored for an individualized user experience. Now the entire screen of the desktop has been optimized, replacing white space with more useful workspace.

The new responsive design makes navigating the system simple on any device. Version 5.0‰’s clean and modern design was developed to help streamline workflows. More intuitive movement through the system simplifies navigation and increases productivity. In other words, you can get where you want to go with fewer clicks.

Core Version 5.0 has brand new user interfaces for Core LIMS, ELN and SDMS -simplifying life in the lab. A new social feed provides lab information and project updates on the login page.

Home Screen in v5.0

The ability to create Gadgets and Dashboards is more robust on 5.0. Pictures are bigger and crisper and there is more of a chance to create your own ‰look‰ within the application. The development team utilized as much screen real-estate as possible‰Óallowing for optimized MS Exceldocuments and easier to read results.

MS Office in v4.2MS Office ELN in v4.2 MS Office in v5.0MS Office ELN in v5.0

Core‰’s partnership with Tableau has created new capabilities for data visualization within 5.0.

Tableau in Our Product

Core 5.0 also has established a community to give customers even further influence over the product. Customers can view all feature requests, comment on threads, follow topics and promote ideas. The goal is to have the community facilitate collaboration and idea exchange between customers, partners, independent software vendors and the Core Informatics development team.

A growing number of companies are increasing throughput and productivity by taking advantage of the mobility and versatility of tablets and phones. Core believes mobility can help enhance scientific collaboration, increase operational efficiency, and increase laboratory throughput. Core 5.0 is designed to increase productivity by encouraging smooth, intuitive movement through the system. Which, in turn, will improve scientific collaboration and efficiency within the lab.

Core 5.0 is available to all new Core Informatics customers. If you are on an older version of our system, talk with your Customer Success Manager about a timeline for your upgrade.