Informatics Trends in the U.S. vs Europe

Preparing for SmartLab 2016

The Core Informatics team will be attending both SmartLab Exchange events in February, 2016: the European event in Munich, February 9-10, and the U.S. event in San Diego, February 23-24. If you’d like to schedule a meeting with us at either event, please submit the contact form on the right-hand side of the page.

In preparation for the conferences, SmartLab surveyed the senior lab informatics leaders attending both events. The results were shared with attendees to help everyone prep for the topics and challenges that will be top of mind. You can see the full results for Munich here, and San Diego here.

The Core team reviewed the survey results, and compiled some observations…

Data Management, Data Quality & Big Data

Data Management, Data Quality and Big Data are 3 of the top 5 priorities for both groups. This isn’t surprising, as almost every conversation we have with potential customers includes these topics – not to mention the number of articles written on these subjects by analysts such as GartnerAtrium Research, and others. Data management, data quality and big data strategies will all be critical to labs as the amount of data collected continues to increase, and the number of data sources and collaborators grows.

Investment in LIMS

LIMS investment ranking, however, is very different between both groups surveyed. As a LIMS vendor, we were particularly interested to see that LIMS ranked #5 for San Diego – but #13 for Munich. Is this potentially because LIMS vendors spend more on marketing in the U.S. versus Europe, so there’s greater awareness of LIMS in the U.S.? Or, have European companies made more investments in LIMS recently so that technology is not their current point of focus? Or, could there be other reasons? We’ll be working to track down the answer at both events!

The Importance of System Integration

Integration is important to both the Munich and San Diego attendees, but they may be thinking about it differently. Munich respondents ranked Data Integrators #1, while San Diego respondents ranked Systems Integrators #10. The topic of integration goes along with the issues above of data quality and data management. However, it is interesting to note that Europe is thinking specifically about data integration versus system integration. Did the respondents mean the same thing? Are there geographical differences in usage of terms? Or are the two audiences truly looking for different answers?

New Laboratory Management Systems vs Integration

Respondents for the U.S. event appear to be looking for additional systems, while European event attendees are looking to integrate. We’ll keep an ear out at both events and let you know if these observations turn out to be the case.

See you at SmartLab!