Hiring Core Values

How important is the culture of a company?  According to Zappo’s Tony Hseih, culture outranks everything else.  Zappos won’t consider brilliant and skilled candidates who don’t align with their culture. In fact, Zappos goes so far as to offer $4,000 to new hires who want to quit after completing their employee training.  Better to cut losses early than hang onto employees who don’t fit and ultimately bring the whole team down.

While Core doesn’t pay new hires to leave, culture is still considered paramount at Core Informatics. At Core our values are more than words on a page, they are the basis of the culture we created as a startup and have continued to grow with the company over the years.  Culture impacts who we hire, how we grow and even how we design our office space.

Our clients are making the world better – when they succeed, we succeed. 

We are always learning, always improving, and always together.

Our employees’ integrity, dedication, and happiness make us who we are.

The hiring process at Core reflects our cultural beliefs.  When hiring new members for Core, we look for the expression of these values.  An example is how we hire software engineers to work on our laboratory information management software.  As much emphasis is placed on a candidate’s personality and perceived fit as it is on their experience, skill sets and coding ability.  Core looks for software engineers who bring more than a desired skill set for LIMS – they must also enhance the team.  While confidence is good, arrogance is not.  Together is the key – we seek to learn and improve as a team, not one at the expense of others.  Climbing the corporate ladder at Core means elevating the company.  When our clients succeed, we succeed.

At Core, our customers are the center of our business.  They drive our innovation and growth.  Our employees embrace the customers’ successes as our own which is why:

  • We trust each other and our abilities
  • We conduct business with integrity
  • We communicate with our customers with honesty
  • We have fun doing our work and find time for play
  • We embrace humility and respect others
  • We celebrate our wins and successes

Life at our office reflects our culture – incorporating elements that embrace learning, success and happiness.  We encourage learning and continually sharing knowledge.  Our seating is open and comfortable.  Comfy lounge chairs, a competitive game of ping-pong and some healthy snacks lend to a happy, collaborative atmosphere!

Core’s values are more than words, they are who we are and who we continue to strive to be. Click here to view open positions with Core Informatics.