Are You Getting the Most out of Your Informatics Platform?

Newly Expanded Services to Ensure our Customers’ Continued Success

Our Customer Success team has identified some of the areas where customers could use additional help and have extended our service offering to help our customers shorten time to value for the initial implementation and ensure successful continued use of the Platform for Science (PFS).

Implementation Project Services

In addition to technically complex tasks like implement workflows and instrument integration, we have enhanced our implementation services to include the following highly time-intensive activities:

  • Writing configuration documentation, SOPs and UAT scripts
  • Providing end-to-end testing of configurations and regression testing
  • Migrating configurations between environments
  • Migrating Legacy Data to PFS
  • Execution of PQ Scripts

Utilizing Customer Success to perform these tasks will minimize the burden on the project team and ensure that the project remains on schedule.

Comprehensive User and System Administrator Training

Training is a small part of any project, but makes a massive impact. The most successful implementations are the ones where training is a top priority.  Our customers have always depended on our end user training courses to give users a good understanding of the platform and its capabilities.  For complex workflows, we also now offer custom training courses that teach users on their own deployment.  This gives users real hands on training with their laboratory workflows and eases adoption. End users aren’t the only ones who benefit from training.  It’s important for system administrators and super users to get the training they need so that they can support the needs of the scientists.  Our system administrator training has expanded its scope to cover advanced topics like OData integration, setting up commonly used triggers and best practices for system administration.

Platform Optimization Service

After the implementation phase is complete, we have every right to be proud of what we have accomplished together.  The end users are benefiting from the hard work and dedication of the team. The Platform for Science is delivering tangible results.  Now, if we fast forward six months or a year into the future, there are new instruments and changes to existing or new laboratory workflows.  Science continues to evolve at an incredible rate which is what makes our work both challenging and rewarding.  It’s important to keep the system configuration up to date with the latest innovations in the laboratory. For our customers whose current configuration is no longer optimized for their laboratory workflow, our Senior Business Analysts can help.  As part of our new two-day Platform Optimization Service, our team will evaluate the current implementation and make recommendations on ways to improve the use of the Platform for Science.  This will take into consideration both the changes in the customer’s environment and the latest improvements to the Platform.

Platform Specialists

For many of our customers, managing the Platform for Science is just one of their many responsibilities. They know that they could get more value out of the Platform for Science if they only had more time.  Image what could be accomplished with just a day or two’s worth of help a week or even add a full-time resource just to get through a period where the workload is heavier than usual. To give our customers the extra help they need, Platform Specialists can now be used to augment the customer’s current team and perform administrative and training services from 1-5 days per week.  A Platform Specialist is 100% dedicated to their system and can give them the extra support they need with activities like:

  • Modify existing workflows for efficiency and ease of use
  • Configure new workflows as laboratory needs change
  • Write configuration documentation, SOPs and UAT scripts
  • Provide end-to-end testing of new configurations and regression testing
  • Migrate configurations between environments
  • Migrate Legacy Data to PFS
  • Create advanced triggers, SQL reports and API integrations
  • Prepare customized training materials
  • Deliver focused, hands-on training sessions for end-users

Platform Specialists are just another way that we can help to ensure our customers achieve their goals.

Committed to Your Success

We believe our expanded service offerings will help customers, like you, to get the most out of the Platform for Science.  If you think that one or more of these service offerings would help your organization, contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more.

Trish Meek has been with Thermo Fisher Scientific for 18 years and is responsible for facilitating the integration of Core Informatics into the larger organization. During her time with Thermo Fisher, Trish has been focused on informatics solutions and has extensive experience with regulatory requirements and supporting customers in validated environments.