User Group Meeting Recap

We have just completed our first European User Group Meeting in Berlin, Germany. Launch2018 included Thermo Fisher™ Platform for Science™, SampleManager LIMS™, Watson LIMS™, and Nautilus LIMS™ software users. As with all of our Launch events, our customers took center stage. Presenters described how they were using our informatics solutions to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. The presentations from Bayer, Covestro, BioRad, Novo Nordisk, Shell, MicroCoat, Biobank AS, Siemens and Chr Hansen highlighted the diverse needs across industries and innovative ways that these companies are moving science forward. In addition to these presentations, customers learned about our latest innovations and how our solutions can help them drive the digital transformations of their labs.

The Digital Transformation

Digital technology has moved at an exponential pace over the past few years turning self-driving cars and smart homes from science fiction to reality. These changes are so dramatic that digital is being called the fourth industrial revolution. While these innovations have been happening in our day to day lives, businesses have been leveraging cloud technology, big data and machine learning to better identify and serve their customers. For our customers, it is not if their business will undergo a digital transformation, but when.

The conference began with presentations from two customers who described how Thermo Fisher has already helped them make the digital transformation of their labs a reality. Christian Wolf, from Bayer, described their current implementation in the Future Environment of the Laboratory: from Future to Reality. In this presentation he described how they are bringing formulation, analytical development, and quality control together, in a paperless environment. Frank Wahl from Covestro outlined how they have changed their thinking from implementation to digitization as they deploy informatics solutions across 22 facilities globally.

In a talk on the future of our industry, Bob Poole, Director of Sales for Digital Science for Thermo Fisher Scientific, described the drastic increase in focus on digital technology and its value to organizations. In fact, the Global Center for Digital Transformation surveyed organizations in 2017 and asked the question, “How significant will the impact of digital disruption be on your industry?” and 30.9% of respondents said it would be “transformative.” When this same question was asked in 2015, it yielded a response of only .4%.

Anthony Uzzo, Vice President of Research and Development discussed how emerging needs in the scientific landscape are driving change. Trends such as increased focus on data integrity and security, adoption of new technology like the cloud and tools for predictive analytics, and the need to drive data standards and system harmonization are requiring organizations to look at their informatics infrastructure. All of these trends exist at the intersection of science and technology– which is where we have positioned our informatics solutions. Supporting our customers through this paradigm shift requires the continued evolution of our software.

Platform for Science Updates

Platform for Science software was designed to be one platform to manage all your laboratory data and processes. The underlying data model supports the rapid deployment, configurability, and business agility needed to make the digital transformation of the lab a reality.

The recently released version 6.0 of the Platform for Science includes:

  • A new user interface (UI) and user experience (UX)
  • Simplified navigation
  • Improved system integration
  • Administrative tools to manage new configurations

Thank You

Thank you for to all of our customers who attended and presented at Launch2018. We are already planning for next year’s European event and look forward to seeing you next year. For our customers in North America and Asia, we look forward to seeing you this fall at one of our remaining Launch events: