Daily Insight into NGS Lab Operations

Gaining Insight into Daily NGS Lab Operations

So often when we discuss sequencing, we are focused on the big picture. How do we deal with the massive amount of data, and what does it mean? Other times we focus on how we are sequencing the samples—is it NGS or Sanger, whole exome or microarray? In addition, we align ourselves, based on the instrumentation we use. One important topic, sometimes overlooked in sequencing discussions, is the day-to-day operation of a lab.

NGS Lab Operations

The new NGS Lab Operations app available for Thermo Fisher™ Platform for Science™ software has a single dashboard, summarizing all sequencing related activities in the lab. With a quick glance, managers can see the number of samples queued for each step in the workflow, allowing for easy identification of processing bottlenecks, and reporting on the turn-around time of processed samples.

With a click into an interactive pie chart, users can investigate the samples in a section. All relevant data within Platform for Science software is accessible, so you can continue to click through samples and metadata to investigate issues, without needing to change programs, compile spreadsheets, or leave your workstation. You can analyze your data in a variety of ways– by project, by scientist, by experiment, and more. This ability to quickly aggregate and report on your data from different angles, allows you to have a holistic view of the lab and perhaps find previously unrecognized trends or issues.

This app is designed to help you easily see what’s happening in a variety of steps for both Ion Torrent and Illumina sequencing, including:

  • Amplicon Library Prep
  • Initial QC
  • Extraction
  • Library Pooling
  • Sequencing Prep
  • Library QC
  • RT PCR
  • And more

NGS Lab Operations app provides users with a Failed Sample Triage homepage with reports of samples that have failed at any step in the workflow. Samples will remain in triage until reviewed. The ability to examine your data is especially helpful when investigating failed samples. This analysis can assist in identifying problems in the lab, whether with consumables, instruments, SOPs, or other sources of error.

This application can be combined with a variety of apps from the Marketplace form the solution that best fits your sequencing needs.