Customer Success: Bringing to Value

How Customers are Realizing the Benefits of the Platform for Science

Our customers are (of course!) always looking to obtain increasing value from the Core Informatics’ products and services. But what is value? How do you know that you have received value? How do you measure value?

At Core, we work with customers to define and monitor success factors and value from the start of a project. Read on to find out more about the approaches our Customer Success team uses to team with customers to get the most out of the Platform for Science.

Measuring Value in a Lab Informatics Platform

Each and every one of our customers is on a journey to achieve value by implementing a solution to manage their scientific data and processes. This journey started before they even engaged with Core Informatics. At some point, someone felt there was value in leveraging available technologies, tools, and best practices to help their organization realize its potential.

However, obtaining value is subjective. If something has value to one customer, it may not have the same value to another customer.

Success Criteria for Your Project Goals

Having well defined success criteria provides focus on a goal.

When our customers engage with us to implement a solution they have specific goals they are trying to achieve. Examples include: achieving a revenue target, delivering a product, gaining market share, or completing an initiative. Setting goals provides focus, allowing the company to apply resources and effort to value added activities.

An important aspect of goal setting is defining the success criteria that can be used to evaluate progress towards achieving each goal. Success criteria should include objective measures, such as a quarterly revenue targets or milestones on a project plan to deliver a product to market. As the company develops a plan to achieve a goal, the success criteria provides a method to measure progress. Having well defined success criteria provides focus on a goal.

However, goals are only valuable to a company if they are relevant and achievable. We have found that customers with clear goals are able to realize value quickly with our products and services. We work with customers to set these goals, and then put plans in place to achieve the goals. More important, as our customers grow, we have found they achieve increasing value as they find new ways to use our products and services. Customers’ goals change over time, as does the value they look to obtain from their investment in the Core Informatics solution.

Bring to Value

Core Informatics has created a value framework that we call “Bring to Value” – known by the moniker B2V. Value is achieved by completing small steps according to a timeline. Goals change over time, and value can only be achieved by keeping step with customer goals.

In the initial engagement with Core Informatics, we work closely with each customer to understand their goals. An important aspect of goal setting is defining the success criteria that can be used to determine if the goals have been met. As described above, the goal and success criteria must result in value.

Bringing a customer to value gives Core a very direct line of action. We look at customer requirements and needs, identify what we are trying to accomplish, and drive toward accomplishing what we set out to do. In all cases, this is to implement a solution that the company can use to support its business. More specifically, to roll out the solution to end users as swiftly as possible, to allow them to get value from the system.

But it doesn’t end there.

Our customers continue to look for ways to utilize the Core products to support their businesses. As needs change over time, the Customer Success team works with customers to ensure that we understand their changing needs and provide continuous support in their efforts to derive ever increasing value from the informatics solution. Our experience in implementing and deploying data management solutions across many industries allows us to share best practices and show customers how to leverage our solutions to gain ever increasing value from the Core products.

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