Core Informatics was proud to be named Best of Show in the Web-Based Services and Software category, at Bio-IT World 15. The Core team took home the prize for our newest release, Core Collaboration‰™.

Over the past several years, collaboration has become a buzz word across multiple industries. The fact that an entire track at the Bio-IT World conference (Collaborations and Open Access Innovations) was dedicated to the topic, is a testament to both the opportunities effective collaboration can provide to accelerate new product initiatives and increase ROI, and to the challenges organizations face as they struggle with how best to securely and synchronously exchange data with partners and drive just-in-time decision making.

Core Informatics released Core Collaboration because we recognized the growing need to securely and quickly share information with both internal and external stakeholders. We are all trying to do more with less, and make the most of our interconnected world to provide workforces and workflows which are both efficient and exceptional. Instead of reinventing the wheel with every project, organizations are now reaching out to trusted collaboration partners to expand their access to talent around the world.

Share everything (almost).

Collaboration is the fine art of keeping your trade secrets to yourself, while giving your collaborators full access to the information they need. Core Collaboration enables this access through a secure, private cloud-based platform with multiple pre-built collaboration styles already in place. Different types of partnerships and security levels were taken into account during the development of Core Collaboration, allowing IT teams to rapidly create and decommission appropriate Collaboration Spaces within minutes.

The Core Collaboration platform allows teams to use the Core ELN, LIMS, and SDMS products in a secure, multi-tenant, cloud-based environment, and to immediately exchange data with internal legacy systems as needed, all while maintaining a variety of security access levels using established business rules.

Benefits of Core Collaboration

The Bio-IT World judges were not the only ones to single out the benefits of Core Collaboration. Thanks to the strength of our collaborative solution along with our fully integrated and highly configurable informatics platform, Core Informatics was recently listed as one of Gartner‰’s R&D Cool Vendors for 2015.

We were thrilled to accept the Best of Show award for Web-Based Services and Software at Bio-IT World 15. The competition is judged by a team of leading industry experts and Bio-IT World editors. This award identifies exceptional innovation in technologies used by life science professionals today.

We can‰’t wait to show them what tomorrow will bring.