Core Informatics, a leader in scientific data management software which helps to accelerate scientific research, collaboration anddiscovery,provides flexible, scalable, pay-as-you-gotechnology solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Life Sciences organizations around the globe. As a result of this work, the AWS Partner Network (APN) has selected Core Informatics as a scientificdata management provider in theAPN Life Sciences Competency.

Core Informatics has been using AWS’s services since 2008. As an early adopter, Core Informatics and its customers have been able to benefit from new capabilities and technologies as they are released by AWS.The designation of the Life Sciences Competency and the work Core Informatics has done on AWS illustrates theimportance of cloud-architectures in Life Sciences laboratories.

Platform for Science is Core Informatics’cloud-based solution providing a marketplace of applications, including LIMS, ELN and SDMS, for customers engaged in all phases of scientific product development and innovation.Platform for Science runs on AWS,allowing customers to scale up their environments as their needs grow and they addCROs (contract research organizations), CMOs (contract manufacturing organizations), or other partners to their research ecosystems.Platform for Science provides powerful RESTful APIs (application programming interfaces) which enable clients, partners and application developers to integrate data from existing software applications and instrumentation. The use ofAWS helps Core Informatics’ customers to collect and analyze scientific bigdatain support of NGS (Next Generation Sequencing), pharmaceutical drug discovery, ag-bio (agricultural biology), biotechnology, and other scientific research and development (R&D) areas.

“Enterome uses Amazon Web Services for storing and managing metagenomic data, via Core Informatics,forthe development of novel drugs and diagnostics to support personalized therapies in microbiome-related diseases.Cloud computing improves the efficiency of our ITenvironment in themaintenance and deployment of new resources.” says Nicolas Goffard, Bioinformatics Platform Manager at Enterome Bioscience.

“Core Informatics was born on the AWS Cloud six years ago, and today we leverage their market-leading services to provide our customers with unmatched scalability, flexibility and security that helps accelerate their time to market while dramatically reducing cost and complexity” says Josh Geballe, CEO of Core Informatics.