Core Informatics – One of the Best Places to Work in CT

t’s official. Core Informatics is one of the best places to work in Connecticut. It’s something we’ve believed for a while and we’re proud it’s no longer just our opinion. We received the official title from the Hartford Business Journal and Best Companies Group.

This program was designed to identify, recognize, and honor the best employers in Connecticut, and includes the top 40 companies split into two categories: 24 small/medium-sized companies (15-199 US employees) and 16 large-sized companies (200 or more US employees). Core Informatics has been named one of this year’s Best Places to Work in Connecticut in the (small/medium or large) category.

“This award belongs to our entire team, an amazing group of scientists and software engineers who draw great inspiration from the opportunity to help the world’s most innovative scientific organizations bring therapeutics to market that improve human health,” said Josh Geballe, CEO. “Our people, their dedication to our mission, and our very transparent, collaborative culture combine to create a great work environment.”

That environment is very important for us. In several weeks we will be moving into our newly expanded office space. We officially opened our new offices last year, but with the addition of so many software engineers and scientists to our team, that new space quickly became over-crowded as we recently added our 90th employee. With the plan to hire another 35 people in 2016, we knew we needed more space. Employee input was crucial to all aspects of our expansion plan. As with all things, we value the opinions of our teammates and know if they are happy their work will shine.

One of the most important parts in the process of being named a Best Place to Work was an employee survey which confirmed what we already knew– people like it here. A lot. In fact, when we took a closer look at our hiring over the past few years, we realized our greatest resource for new hires is employee referrals. We have a fun atmosphere, flexible hours, free lunches and other perks, but it’s more than that. People on our team like each other and like to be here. It shows in the work we produce and the atmosphere around the office.

Our goal is to keep growing and to stay in Connecticut for many more years to come – all the while remaining one of the Best Places to Work. If you’re interested in joining our team take a look at our Careers page.

All of the companies on the list will be recognized at a special awards ceremony in March, and the actual rankings will be published in the March issue of the Hartford Business Journal.