Core Informatics joins Thermo Fisher Scientific

Core Informatics Joins the World Leader in Serving Science

Every year at Pittcon, there is buzz and excitement around the latest scientific innovations that are featured on the show floor.  Pittcon 2017 was no exception, but this year the major focus wasn’t on the floor, it was in the cloud. At the Thermo Fisher Scientific Pittcon press conference, the company announced the acquisition of Core Informatics and described the importance of cloud technology to the scientific community.

Core’s Platform for Science (PFS) is a cloud-based informatics platform, providing the underlying data management infrastructure for lab workflows, allowing end-to-end sample and specimen tracking across experiments, assays, and processes. Core Informatics’ LIMS, ELN, and SDMS as well as its communication products, Core Connect and Core Collaboration run on the platform.  PFS provides the scientific community with a flexible, cost effective and secure way to collect, store, analyze and share information. “We are thrilled to join the Thermo Fisher Scientific team to help accelerate the future of the digital lab,” said Josh Geballe, Vice President, General Manager, Core Informatics business, Thermo Fisher Scientific. “We are excited to become part of the world leader in serving science and look forward to the additional benefits this will bring to our innovative clients and amazing team.”

A Message from Core

Thermo Fisher Scientific is the world leader in serving science. Which means the Platform for Science, our cloud-based platform for scientific data management, has found a good home. Together, our solution will support genetic analysis, qPCR, proteomics analysis, and more. Together, we will help accelerate our vision of the digital lab. Together, we can enhance our mutual ability to provide innovative solutions that help our customers perform their amazing work.

Benefiting Our Customers

Over the years, our customers have grown with us. You have shared our passion and we have shared yours. You have seen our excitement for our vision of the future—a fully connected digital lab. Now, by joining with Thermo Fisher, we are closer than ever to making it a reality.

If you attended our last user group meeting, Launch2016, the keynote presentation entitled “Where is This All Going? A Potential Future of Laboratory Work” gave an overview of the vision for a fully connected lab of the future – a lab that is IoT enabled, with a dynamic user experience, where work is captured as it is completed. With all data connected, this holistic lab will have a better user experience and lead to clearer communication and decision making. It’s no easy task, but we feel together with our new Thermo Fisher colleagues, we are up to the challenge.

Still the Same Core Values

The values of Core Informatics align perfectly with Thermo Fisher’s mission, to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. As part of Thermo Fisher, we take great pride in supporting the important work our customers do, whether it’s discovering cures for disease, reducing harmful emissions in the air or ensuring that our food is safe, to give just a few examples.

We are all proud of our contributions in helping customers to achieve their goals and the profound impact their work has on society. And as we have said time and time again—When you succeed, we succeed.