New Standards-Based API Eases Lab Informatics Integrations

Branford, CT – October 11, 2016 – Core Informatics today introduced a new API (application programming interface) leveraging the Open Data Protocol (OData) standard for RESTful web-services. The new API is available as part of Core Connect, Core’s software integration product, in version 5.2 of Core’s Platform for Science. The API turns the Platform for Science into a producer of OData, making it easier for users to build integrations. 

Core’s OData API was built to meet the needs of developers and end users in scientific industries who need to integrate data across a variety of proprietary databases, programming languages, and applications. The OData API enables out of the box use of powerful integration tools and enterprise service bus (ESB) middleware such as Mulesoft, Informatica, and Dell Boomi. Development time and costs are lowered by leveraging the many OData libraries available in multiple development languages including Java, .NET, JavaScript, and others. 

For example, PowerQuery, a popular plugin for Microsoft Excel, can consume data from an OData API to render ‘live’ workbooks from a user’s centralized data stored in the Platform for Science. In this example, scientists developing cellular therapy processes will be able to analyze sequencing metrics without the need to export any data from PFS or other tools, saving time and eliminating data transformation errors. 

Core Informatics is the first LIMS provider offering an OData compliant API to its customers. The OData API effectively unlocks data within the Platform for Science to be consumed by other OData services, improving interoperability and easing integration for Core Informatics’ customers. The OData API extends Core’s position as the leading lab informatics platform for integration, adding to Core’s already best in class JSON web service. 

“Using traditional proprietary APIs can be work intensive, due to the time needed to learn and understand how to code against the API. Adopting APIs that adhere to an open and modern standard – such as OData – eases this burden,” said John Stalker, Product Manager for the Platform for Science. “Users of Core’s new OData API can leverage IT resources (not software engineers) to easily connect their systems with other tools that speak OData via simple configurations using consumer driven integration tools such as Zapier or ESBs – no custom coding required!”

The announcement was made during Core Informatics’ fifth annual user group meeting, Launch2016.