Preconfigured workflows for a variety of instrumentation and kits help a diverse set of organizations and labs capitalize on genomics data

Branford, CT – September 29, 2015 – Core Informatics, a developer of data management software used to accelerate scientific innovation, today announced new successful production deployments of their preconfigured workflow applications for next-generation sequencing (NGS) on the Platform for Science. Demonstrating the highly configurable and flexible architecture of the Platform for Science, multiple customers in recent months, including several key new customers such as Biogen, Mount Sinai and Thermo Fisher Scientific, have implemented unique workflows ranging from research to clinical applications without requiring any custom code—speeding turnaround time, improving quality and reducing costs.

“We selected Core due to its strong capabilities to manage a complex, multi-step automated workflow and handle very large sample volume,” said Todd Arnold, Ph.D., Managing Director of the Mount Sinai Genetic Testing Lab in Branford, Connecticut. “We partnered closely with Core to configure the LIMS to meet our specific needs to handle both research and clinical samples in our high-throughput NGS facility. Every organization is different, but for us, flexibility is vital, as is working with a vendor—a partner—that is responsive to us and our needs. Core has worked alongside us to deploy a unique solution that fits our lab’s requirements and that can be extended to address the needs of others seeking to implement high-throughput NGS.”

The Platform for Science is a flexible Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) infrastructure that enables labs to quickly extend and configure data management systems without the need for custom coding. In July, Core Informatics launched the Platform for Science Marketplace, which provides a catalog of preconfigured scientific applications for critical laboratory activities. The company’s NGS solutions cover lab work from patient sample accessioning through to sequencing, quality control, and analysis. Labs can select among a range of apps that provide preconfigured integration with industry-standard sequencing instrumentation (Illumina HiSeq®, MiSeq®, and NextSeq®; Ion PGM™, S5™ and Proton™; and PacBio® systems), sample prep kits (whole genome, exome, targeted, and RNA sequencing), and quality control and analysis systems.

“When the goal is to feed sequencers and keep them running, you need sample management and tight control of processes,” said Norm Allaire, Genomics Laboratory Manager and Senior Scientist at Biogen. “By stitching everything together with the appropriate NGS applications from Core Informatics, we can reduce sample inversions and mix ups and avoid repeating experiments, which leads to better data quality and reduced labor and reagent costs.”

“We are delighted to add Biogen, Mount Sinai and Thermo Fisher Scientific to our rapidly growing customer base. Forward-looking organizations know that to remain efficient and competitive, they can’t afford to lock themselves into rigid and inflexible software products that lack the ability to integrate and scale,” said Anthony Uzzo, President and Co-founder of Core Informatics. “Our customers can rapidly deploy pre-configured workflow applications that meet their needs today, as well as adjust, scale or support adjacent non-NGS workflows when their needs change in the future.”