Branford, CT – March 7, 2016 – Core Informatics today announced the availability of a suite of new applications for therapeutic biologics discovery and development. The apps provide ready-to-go capabilities for scientists and researchers to seamlessly execute biologic sample registration and HTS workflows, while tracking and managing sample data and lineage across experiments, containers and locations. The apps include configurable dashboards to provide lab teams and business leaders with immediate visibility into project status and key metrics to enhance decision making.

“We use Core’s platform to support our structural and functional biology efforts as part of our Integrated Lead Discovery Platform,” said Art Morales, Vice President, Technology and Corporate Development at Beryllium. “Our scientists use Core LIMS to enable our complex biologics workflows, and collect and analyze our data rapidly and accurately. We are excited about the expansion of the biologics apps suite in Core’s Platform for Science Marketplace, continuing their commitment to provide innovative informatics solutions for drug discovery.”

The combination of biologics registrationbiochemical and cell-based HTS, and sample inventory applications, provides traceability across drug discovery workflows. Customers can add new sample types and relationships, container types, and other entities through configuration in a few clicks, making new data structures available to scientists in the lab immediately and without requiring any custom code. Customers can leverage the sequence tracking capabilities provided by these apps, which ensure registration integrity, provide calculated properties and support customer-defined dictionaries to distinguish modified nucleic and amino acid residues. The apps can be used individually to support a portion of a larger biologics workflow, or linked together to provide an enterprise-level platform to support all of an organization’s biologics activities.

The new apps are built on Core Informatics’ Platform for Science (PFS), enabling customers to add on to their existing PFS deployment over time. By using PFS apps, customers also benefit from Core Informatics’ robust RESTful APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), instrument integrations (Core SDMS), and collaboration tools and functionalities (Core Collaboration and Core ELN). The biologics apps are available through Core Informatics’ Platform for Science Marketplace.

“We have seen strong demand from the leading biopharmaceutical companies for our comprehensive informatics solution supporting therapeutic biologics discovery,” said Anthony Uzzo, President and Co-Founder of Core Informatics. “These new apps represent industry best-practices for biologics data management and are built to meet the needs of cutting-edge biopharma organizations by providing them with the ability to define, collect, and securely share diverse data within a single platform. We are excited about expanding the Platform for Science Marketplace, and providing these ready-to-go biologics capabilities.”