Core Informatics Customer Success Update

The main focus of Core throughout the last year has been Customer Success. Core has introduced several new processes which allow the company to support its customers‰’ goals. The company has been building its team and talent to help drive Customer Success.

Richard Duffy, Director of Customer Success

Customer Success

Customer Success is a proactive, holistic and organizational approach to ensure Core Informatics customers continually and increasingly receive value from Core products. The Customer Success Team works with clients to define business needs and refine requirements. The team then develops and implements the solution. Customers are trained in how to use the solution prior to deployment and after the system is up and running, the team continues to provide ongoing support.

Driving Your Success









All departmentts within Customer Success have been strengthened and optimized over the past year. Agile Methodology has been adopted by developers and QA. This approach gives Core the flexibility to meet the changing needs of customers in real-time. Requests for features or changes are put into sprints with quick turn-around times. All work is now delivered iteratively, which allows customers to make minor changes along the way, so the final product is exactly what the customer needs and expects.

Core Adaptive Delivery Experience

The Core Adaptive Deliver Experience is a new methodology which defines the roadmap for how clients can achieve the optimal result while working with Core. The Core Adaptive Delivery Experience consists of three phases: discovery, implementation and deployment. The phases build upon each other, providing focus around specific aspects of the delivery experience.

Discovery is when requirements are gathered and planning occurs. Both sides work together to create a list of timelines and expectations. During Implementation the Core team develops a solution while working hand-in-hand with customers, all the while continuously evaluating results and making adjustments as needed. During Deployment the Core Informatics delivery team works closely with customers to put the new system in the operational environment and make sure it is ready for use.

Enterprise Delivery Methodology







Platform for Science

Core has seen tremendous growth in the Platform for Science PaaS solution since it was introduced last year. In a process called Rapid Onboarding, the Core team is able to get customers who have fairly standard workflows up and running on the LIMS in an extremely short amount of time.

Validation Package

Core Informatics is now offering a validation package for customers who work in regulated environments. This package includes templates and scripts to conduct IQ and OQ. Core can also execute on the IQ and OQ on behalf of clients. Core works with customers to produce validation project plans as well as summary reports so auditable records are available.

Customer Support







Customer Support

In order to better serve its customers, Core has launched the new Core Informatics Help Center. The Help Center will be a direct link to customer support. This expanded help center has knowledge base articles, FAQs, documentation, release notes and more. The new community section within the site allows customer to collaborate and share ideas. New voting capabilities will even allow customers to rank new feature requests.

To hear more from Richard Duffy and learn more about Core Customer Succes, register to watch the videos from Launch2014.