Informatics Solutions for Laboratory R&D for Manufacturers

It’s nice to hear from an old friend every once in a while. Just last week Gartner Research mentioned us in its Cool Vendor Report for 2016. In his “R&D Cool Vendor Landscaping” blog, analyst Michael Shanler gave a synopsis of the report, including a brief review of Core Informatics in the “Where Are They Now?” section.

Core was the only company from last year’s report to be mentioned again this year. You can read more about the 2015 Cool Vendors list in our blog, “Core Informatics Named a Gartner 2015 Cool Vendor in R&D for Manufacturers.” The report selected companies that helped to accelerate R&D while creating a smooth connection between software technologies and scientific research.

The innovative technology from Core highlighted in the 2015 report was our new product, Core Collaboration. Core Collaboration was created to provide dedicated collaboration spaces to CROs, CMOs, and other external partners to allow secure, streamlined data exchange and data management. Core Collaboration is built on the Platform for Science, our cloud-native platform, built for mobility and secure accessibility, deployed in the cloud via Amazon Web Services (AWS) or on-premises.

For more information on Core Collaboration, request our white paper.

The “Where Are They Now?” section of the 2016 Cool Vendor report highlighted Core’s expanding customer base as well as our growing selection of informatics solutions and applications in the Platform for Science Marketplace. Last month we launched new genomic sample accessioning apps and more for biologics, biopharma, biobanking, and genomics are constantly being added.

For more information on the Platform for Science, request our white paper.