Core Collaboration – A Closer Look

On February 12th Core Informatics announced its newest offering Core Collaboration‰™. On the same day, Michael Shanler from Gartner Research wrote a review entitled, Core Informatics‰’ R&D Cloud Platform Will Aid Scientific Collaboration.

Core Collaboration was created to address an ever-increasing need in the world of research and development. Businesses are looking for fresh approaches and external partnerships to accelerate new product initiatives and rapidly facilitate collaborations. Web-based Core Collaboration empowers science based organizations to create tremendous value with teamwork, speed, mobility, efficiency, and access to big data, while reducing IT complexity and cost.

Informatics Devolution

In September 2014 Core Informatics held a webinar about Virtualized Research Ecosystems. A main topic of this webinar was the informatics devolution facing many industries trying to leverage strategic partnerships. These large, tech-savvy organizations with substantial investments in informatics systems are now resorting to basic email and even paper lab notebooks to share data. This is where systems break down. This type of communication delays projects. This puts security at risk.

Organizations need new ways to accelerate new product initiatives through partnerships & increase ROI while reducing the risks they could encounter by working with partners. They are also under pressure to increase agility, control costs and reduce complexity. All of this must happen while creating working partnerships with organizations from across town or around the globe. The work created by these relationships can be damaged by the delays in communication and decision making, caused by air gaps created during the transfer of data from one organization to another.

Instead of putting a bandage on the problem, Core Informatics decided to address the challenge head-on.

Introducing Core Collaboration

Organizations are under increased pressure to create more with less, increase profits and do it all in less time. Core Collaboration is a first of its kind data and knowledge sharing platform, allowing sponsors and partners around the globe to interact in real-time in a secure, configurable environment that supports any partnership model – speeding innovation while safe-guarding vital research data.

Core Collaboration is a revolutionary R&D platform which has unique suites of preconfigured applications, developed specifically to handle the variations in needs inherent in different models of scientific collaboration. The forethought which went into the development of the system addresses information delays (thanks to synchronous data exchange via a robust API), compliance, security, and standardized communication between partners.

Core Collaboration works hand-in-hand with the other cloud-based solutions from Core Informatics, including ELN, LIMS, and SDMS offering customers a unique, fully integrated platform solution. The flexibility and scalability of the system works well for small organizations which do not have large R&D or IT groups in-house. It is also attractive for larger companies, interested in reducing in-house IT and increasing organizational efficiencies. Core Collaboration provides a strategic platform to extend lab informatics beyond the firewall, while simultaneously reducing IT complexity with solutions built on a multitenant architecture.

The Core Collaboration Difference

Core Collaborationis a private, secure cooperative platform which exponentially speeds innovation and information sharing, providing immediate, securely sequestered access to partners and talent.

To learn more about Core Collaboration read Michael Shanler‰’s review, Core Informatics‰’ R&D Cloud Platform Will Aid Scientific Collaboration, and watch our Global Scientific Collaboration in the Cloud webinar or request our white paper.