Sample Management

Managing Biobanking Samples & Sequence Data for Research

Using LIMS to Track and Trace Biospecimens and Genomic Sequence Data Biobanking is an intriguing portion of the world of research. For some, operating a biobank is an active project, involving partnerships and customers. While for others, biobanking is a portion of a laboratory workflow. Still others use it as the “attic” of their organization—going…

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Biobanking and Aquaculture at Work

Using a LIMS to Manage Fish Milt Samples for Commercial Fisheries and R&D One bank in Massachusetts doesn’t hold any money—but its security and management are just as tight. It is a biobank. Cryogenetics is a biobanking company which focuses on preserving aquatic genes. The banked material is fish milt (sperm). The fish milt is collected…

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Tips and Tricks Volume 1

Getting More Out of Your Inventory Management By Tracking Freeze/Thaw Cycles Did you know that you can track and view the number of times a sample has been frozen and thawed automatically based on the locations where it has been stored? This can be a valuable way to verify your sample‰’s integrity. Just look under…

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