Bio-IT World 2017 Round-Up

Effectively Using Your Laboratory Data

The team from Core Informatics has just returned from the Bio-IT World Conference in Boston. This year’s event was as thoughtful and as exciting as ever. It was a big year for Core-- it was our first major event since joining Thermo Fisher Scientific. We were happy to see those of you who stopped by to talk and watch demos from our App Managers. We had the opportunity to share our booth with our new Thermo Fisher colleagues and we can’t wait to show you what we have in store for the future. Next year, look for us at the front of the conference hall—we’ll be hard to miss.

We attended a variety of talks at Bio-IT this year, many of them were around the same issue-- dealing with data. Sometimes more is better, sometimes it’s not, but no matter how much data you have, it’s only worthwhile if you can find it, and use it. The desire to effectively and efficiently use the siloed data that every biopharma collects was ubiquitous. The need for internal and external collaboration on a global scale, with the ability to aggregate and analyze data from many previously unconnected sources, was also covered.

Additionally, organizations are interested in repurposing the data they already have. Making data visible within the greater organization can encourage the spread of information across multiple divisions, enabling intellectual cross-pollination, and increasing efficiency across small and large projects alike.

Many of the discussions this week were about the future of lab informatics enabled by the cloud. The flexible, scalable and collaborative nature of cloud-based platforms is now being realized and accepted by the larger biopharma community. At Core Informatics, we will continue to grow our cloud-native Platform for Science and to enable work for scientists and organizations across a wide variety of studies. We hope you got a chance to see John Stalker, Product Manager for the Platform for Science, cover this topic on Wednesday – but if not, contact us and we can provide you more info.