New Animal Facility Management Application

Manage & Monitor Animal Subject Inventory

As our customers look for more ways to support their upstream drug discovery activities, we’re continuing to grow our list of in-vivo studies applications in the Platform for Science Marketplace.  Our most recent addition focuses on building and managing inventories of animal subjects.


app-animal-facility-managementThe Animal Facility Management app provides traceability of animal inventory through the full chain of custody.  It includes a variety of monitoring tools, including dashboards to manage ordering, monitor health, and visualize KPIs.  This pre-configured application can significantly reduce deployment timelines and is built to handle your changing requirements over time.

The US version of Animal Facility Management uses a review by exception approach to ensure IACUC protocol compliance.  A separate version will soon be available for use in the EU.

This app can be used individually to support regional requirements for animal management or paired with other in vivo apps such as Preclinical Study Management and Preclinical Specimen Accessioning for full animal facility management.

For more information on this other apps that support development efforts at all stages of the drug discovery pipeline, visit the Platform for Science Marketplace